Looking for reliable patient information to share with your patients?

The carer and patient information section on our website brings together healthcare leaflets produced by trusted bodies especially for you to share with your patients.

Information standardHere you will find a wide range of patient leaflets and information from BSUH NHS Trust through to UpToDate.  Most carry the Information Standard accreditation mark – read more about it here:

See below for a taster of what we offer. Note: Some resources may be restricted to staff of specific NHS Trusts and will require an NHS OpenAthens password


BMJ screenshot

BMJ Best Practice (for BSUH and Brighton & Hove GP and CCG staff) lets you download, print and email patient leaflets on a range of conditions, procedures and treatments.  These resources are regularly updated and carry the Information Standard accreditation mark.





CK screenshotClinicalKey (NHS OpenAthens password required) has a Patient Education tab with useful features – you can translate the leaflet into up to 12 different languages, add notes and contact details to the front page, and adjust the font size.




UpToDate screenshot



UpToDate for BSUH staff also has an extensive range of patient information resources, divided into “the Basics” and “Beyond the basics”. The Basics articles are best for patients who want a general overview. Beyond the Basics pieces are more detailed with in-depth information.




And finally, have you seen EIDO healthcare leaflets, BSUH’s suite of patient information leaflets about operations and procedures? These have been produced with the collaboration of expert authors and leading organisations to produce evidence-based patient information to aid informed consent, clearly written and illustrated.

EIDO screenshot

You can find the whole library of EIDO leaflets via the staff intranet (available to BSUH Trust staff) and they complement BSUH’s own in-house leaflets (freely available).

Further help or support needed to find your patients the right information? Contact the Patient Information Librarian, cecilia.bethencourt-dunning@bsuh.nhs.uk.