Support for dietitians

Here’s just a selection of the rich resources we have to support dietitians. Explore our full range via our website:

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Journals (all available with an NHS OpenAthens password)

Evidence searches carried out on dietetics

We provide evidence to inform patient care, service improvement, research and clinical teaching. Recent searches we’ve provided include:

  • Nutrition in Intensive Care
  • Nutritional interventions in neonates and children with foetal alcohol syndrome
  • Dietary support for gynaecological cancer patients
  • Low-fat/fat-free diets and paediatric acute pancreatitis
  • Parent perception of the nutritional intake of their children
  • Protein energy malnutrition as a result of neglect
  • Diet in Cystic Fibrosis–Related Diabetes (CFRD)
  • Nutrition in the premature infant
  • Blended diet via tube feeding

Web and other resources

Public Health England

The obesity section on the Public Health England (PHE) site provides many high quality data and analysis tools and resources for public health professionals..

NICE Guidance: Lifestyle & wellbeing: Diet, nutrition & obesity

NICE guidance, advice, quality standards and information services for health, public health and social care. Also contains resources to help maximise use of evidence and guidance.