Improvement works to A&E at the Royal Sussex County Hospital

Significant improvements are going to be made at the Royal Sussex County Hospital’s Accident and Emergency department. Building works on the Urgent Care Centre in A&E, and the department’s pedestrian entrance will start on Monday 27 March and continue until September of this year.

A&E EntranceThe work will make much better use of the space in the Urgent Care Centre and around the A&E entrance. It will add four extra treatment areas and two extra triage spaces to the Urgent Care Centre. The core staff area will be moved into the middle of the Urgent Care Centre giving staff easier access to patients and the equipment required for treatments will be moved from a remote store room into the heart of the centre, where it is most needed. The works to the main entrance will improve the flow of patients and staff around the department and allow for some real improvements to the reception area environment.

During the works the main pedestrian entrance to A&E will be closed and replaced by a temporary entrance nearby. Other than having to use the temporary entrance the route to A&E for pedestrians will be unchanged. The temporary entrance will lead directly in to the Urgent Care Centre waiting area.

Anyone requiring A&E should use the temporary entrance without hesitation. Access through A&E to other departments in the hospital will be restricted though during the improvement works. The Urgent Care Centre waiting room is a clinical area and it is important that only those needing the A&E department come through it. All the other departments on the main hospital site can be reached from the hospital’s main entrance on Eastern Road. The only exception to this is the Cancer Centre. Its entrance on Bristol Gate will be unaffected by the works.

To help understand ways in and out of the hospital please download the site map.