Happy AHP Day to all our allied health professionals

Today (14 October) marks Allied Health Professionals (AHPs) Day for everyone working in one of the 14 professions represented by the group.

Across BSUH, we have 570 AHPs including orthoptists, physiotherapists, occupational therapists, speech and language therapists, diagnostic radiotherapists, therapeutic radiographers, dieticians, and operating department practitioners.

Chief Nurse, Carolyn Morrice, said: “Every single one of our allied health professional groups and teams make a huge difference every single day both in our hospitals and across our outpatient facilities and I just want to pass on my warm, heartfelt thanks to them all.”AHP Day 2020 water bottles from our chief nurse to say thanks

AHPs provide system-wide care to assess, treat, diagnose and discharge patients across social care, housing, education, and independent and voluntary sectors with a focus on prevention and improvement of health and wellbeing to maximise the potential for individuals to live full and active lives within their family circles, social networks, education/training and the workplace.

To celebrate AHPs day across BSUH, all our AHPs are receiving a reusable water bottle filled with treats from Carolyn Morrice, funded by our friends at the BSUH Charity.