Free wi-fi rolls out across BSUH

A new, free wi-fi service has rolled out across all the sites run by Brighton and Sussex University Hospitals NHS Trust. The system gives free Internet access for patients and visitors, and improved connectivity for clinical services. More than 900 new wifi points have been set up throughout the trust’s wards and clinics to provide wifi access both inside and outside buildings.

Jack Westcott, IT Network Engineer, and Gary Steen, Chief Technology Officer, at the heart of the new WiFi System.

Despite having only just come on line, the free public wifi is already attracting more than 1100 uses across BSUH’s two main hospital sites, the Princess Royal Hospital and the Royal Sussex County Hospital

Gary Steen, Chief Technology Officer, explained the thinking behind the new system. “A comprehensive wireless network is key to providing free access to the Internet for patients, visitors and staff. The system supports the wireless devices that are essential in healthcare today and allows us to get the best from the range of clinical technologies used throughout our hospitals. This is a £320,000 investment in supporting the quality of care for our patients and the quality of information access for everyone coming to our hospitals.”

The new system supports mobile phone calls being made through the wi-fi network. This allows calls to be made even in areas with little or no mobile signal. The availability of wi-fi calling improves the experience of patients, who will be able to use their phones anywhere on site, and makes communication between staff easier.

The Wi-Fi system benefits from the significant investment the Trust has made in IT infrastructure in recent years. Although they use the same Wi-Fi points the public and staff/clinical Wi-Fi systems are completely separate.

To use the public wifi system at any of BSUH’s sites: select ‘NHS wi fi’ from the list of networks on a device, and follow the on screen instructions. Registration is similar to many other free wifi services.