BSUH is the place ED trainees want to work

Our BSUH emergency department has gained a reputation for the innovative approach we take to staffing and improving patient experience.

We recently had the pleasure of being included in a weekly Radio 4 programme ‘My name is’, focussing on the story of Dr Samantha Batt-Rawden (Sammy), an A&E and Intensive Care registrar working in the South East.

The relentless nature of the service, coupled with a rigid rota system and caring responsibilities at home mean that Sammy is thinking of leaving the NHS.

Before she does though, she wanted to speak to us.

“There are some places and people who really care and the one I’ve heard most about is the A&E department in Brighton,” said Sammy. “This is the place that all emergency medics want to come and work in.”

BSUH has been recognised and received numerous awards for A&E improvement initiatives over the last few years such as ‘single-clerking’ – which reduces wait times and frees up time for senior doctors, allowing them to review more patients, and ‘transforming the A&E Workforce’ by designing and introducing a new staff rota system that creates greater flexibility by allowing staff to choose the shifts they work to suit their other commitments – as long as all the needed clinical shifts are covered. New non-training clinical fellow roles have introduced further flexibility while improving educational opportunities throughout A&E.

Transforming the rotas was the brainchild of our ED consultant Dr Rob Galloway, who has first-hand knowledge of the pressures of trying to balance a busy A&E, professional development and family life.

“It is the best job in the world, but it’s tough and people can burn out,” said Rob. “I believe that looking after staff means they are better able to look after our patients.”

Rob was interviewed by Sammy for the programme, which was aired on Monday 10 June.

Listen to Dr Rob Galloway sharing the solutions we’ve put in place at BSUH on ‘My name is…Sammy. I’m thinking of leaving the NHS’ on BBC Radio 4 via the website or the Sounds App.

Watch a video featuring Dr Rob Galloway talking about how we manage our rotas