BSUH in top 15% for diabetes care

Brighton & Sussex University Hospitals (BSUH) has been recognised as one of the top performing hospitals in the country for helping diabetic patients to successfully control their blood glucose levels.

“It can be difficult for some diabetes patients to keep tight control over their glucose levels,” says Dr Ali Chakera, Consultant in Diabetes & Endocrinology at Brighton and Sussex University Hospitals.

“Two years ago, we looked at the problem from the patients’ point of view, and developed a multi-specialist team who could offer holistic support to meet an individual’s specific needs.

“This approach gave us the opportunity to offer care in a highly coordinated and flexible way which could adapt over time as our patients’ needs changed.”

The team includes a wide range of specialists, from doctors, nurses and dieticians through to psychologists and foot care specialists, working with patients who have been referred from other departments within the hospital. Care is tailored to each individual’s requirements, helping them to self-manage their condition as much as possible.

This approach has proven so effective that Brighton & Sussex University Hospitals is now ranked in the top 15% of hospitals in the entire country by the National Diabetes Audit, based on how many of their patients with diabetes are able to keep their glucose levels within strict boundaries.

“These results are outstanding and show the power of working together in new ways to improve patient care,” said Dr George Findlay, Chief Medical Officer and Deputy CEO at BSUH.

“The Diabetes Management team have worked incredibly hard over the past two years to improve outcomes for our patients, and I’m delighted to see that externally audited data is showing the progress that we’ve made.”

Significantly, the data shows that the team’s efforts are helping women control their glucose levels in different stages of pregnancy, a time in their lives which diabetes makes more complicated and dangerous.

In the two years since the holistic service was first developed, there have been no diabetes related birth defects experienced by babies of mothers under the BSUH team’s care. In addition, over three quarters of all pregnant mothers are able to consistently meet exceptionally stringent targets, thanks to the holistic care provided by the team.

Ruth Copeman is a paramedic who has Type 1 diabetes. She says:

“Little did I know that the team at the Royal Sussex County Hospital were going to change my insulin filled life so positively.

“Never have I felt more cared for, and also being seen as an individual rather than a condition is so refreshing. The positive impact this wonderful team of people have had on my life cannot be stated enough. Thank you!”