Advice for the hot weather

As temperatures climb, we inevitably see more patients coming in to our hospitals, but there are things you can do to stay well as it warms up:

  • Follow the Met Office advice to stay out of the sun, particularly during the hottest part of the day between 11am and 3pm – sun burn and heat stroke are both clear and present dangers
  • Stay hydrated – drink plenty of water
  • If you’re exercising or doing manual work, try and do it early in the morning or later in the evening
  • Cover up – hats and loose fitting clothing made of natural fabrics will help keep you cool and protect you from the sun

NHS England provides more advice for coping in a heatwave:

  • Shut windows and pull down the shades when it is hotter outside. You can open the windows for ventilation when it is cooler
  • Avoid the heat: stay out of the sun and don’t go out between 11am and 3pm (the hottest part of the day) if you’re vulnerable to the effects of heat
  • Keep rooms cool by using shades or reflective material outside the windows. If this isn’t possible, use light-coloured curtains and keep them closed (metallic blinds and dark curtains can make the room hotter)
  • Have cool baths or showers, and splash yourself with cool water
  • Drink cold drinks regularly, such as water and diluted fruit juice. Avoid excess alcohol, caffeine (tea, coffee and cola) or drinks high in sugar
  • Listen to alerts on the radio, TV and social media about keeping cool
  • Plan ahead to make sure you have enough supplies, such as food, water and any medications you need
  • Identify the coolest room in the house so you know where to go to keep cool
  • Wear loose, cool clothing, and a hat and sunglassesif you go outdoors
  • Check up on friends, relatives and neighbours who may be less able to look after themselves.

Don’t forget to stay up to date with the latest weather forecasts, either through the news and social media, or direct from the Met Office.