Procurement and tendering

We do not maintain a preferred or approved supplier list. Where possible we use national contracts or agreements through NHS Supply Chain, the Crown Commercial Service and London Procurement Partnership.

Where it is not possible to use a national contract, we advertise contracts in the public domain in line with our standing financial instructions and EU regulations.

Finding contract opportunities

Registering your interest on our eSourcing portal

To register your interest in any of our contracts please access the eSourcing portal used by the Trust.

To access the eSourcing portal you will need the following minimum system requirements.

  • If using a PC you will need to use a minimum of Internet explorer 6+
  • If using a Mac, we recommend using Firefox rather than Safari.
  • We recommend that the latest version of Java is installed.

The eSourcing Portal is available free to all suppliers and is fully compliant with EU procurement legislation, confidential and independently security accredited.

eSourcing Portal Registration

  1. Navigate to
  2. Use the ‘Useful Links’ section to browse current opportunities on the portal. Please ensure you register your company on the Portal in sufficient time to be assessed as new supplier requests must be approved before you will be enabled to register your expression of interest.
  3. Login to the portal with the username/password to access the contract opportunities.

Help available

If you need support with the portal, please contact:

BSUH in conjunction with Brighton and Hove CCG, SPFT and SCFT are tendering for providers to facilitate our communication support requirements for our patients/service users, under the following lots:
• Overseas Language – Face to Face
• Translation Services – Easy Read
• British Sign Language (BSL) – Face to Face
• Translation Services – Overseas Language
• Translation Services – Braille
• Video Interpreting – Overseas Language
• Telephone Interpreting – Overseas Language
• Video Relay Interpreting – British Sign Language (BSL)

View the advertisements:

If you are a current or prospective supplier you must read and comply with the following policies.

  • Don’t be put off by the tender documentation – always ask for help. It is part of our job to assist you.
  • Read the documentation thoroughly and understand the requirements. If you have any concerns email the buyer stated within the tender document for clarification.
  • Provide us with all of the information requested. If for some reason you are struggling to provide all the information, ask for advice. Make it clear within tender returns where it has not been possible to provide data and the reasons why.
  • Work out the most important questions from the evaluation criteria weightings in the tender documents, and take extra care to answer them fully. Responses which are blank or don’t contain detail can’t be scored.
  • Do answer in full – do not assume anything is obvious, or ‘goes without saying’. We can only evaluate on what is written down in your answer.
  • Make it clear which question your answer refers to. If you provide any supplementary information please refer to this in the answer to the question.
  • Focus your answers on the questions – do not get side tracked and include irrelevant information. Show how you will fulfil the requirements in the tender.
  • Be clear on your pricing model – state any assumptions you made when pricing (e.g. availability of resources, timing etc).
  • Complete and return the documents by the date and time given. Check that you have signed everything you should have. Consider any problems which can arise when submitting electronically as late submissions may be rejected.
  • Don’t include publicity material in your submission unless you are asked to do so.
  • Treat each tender and PQQ as a new requirement and provide information accordingly, even if you are already a supplier to the Trust. Tenders and PQQs will be evaluated on the information received, not on past performance or contracts currently held.
  • Understand your customer, look at their website and read their procurement documents – it will help to understand their priorities, processes and requirements.
  • Register with London Procurement Partnership, Contracts Finder and Tendering Electronic Daily (TED) as these are the main locations for all tenders run by Brighton and Sussex University Hospitals Trust at present.