Workforce Race Equality Standard (WRES) Working Group

What is the WRES?

 The WRES requires NHS Trusts to self-assess against nine indicators relating to race equality. Four of the indicators relate specifically to workforce data; four are based on data from the national NHS staff survey questions, and one considers white and BME representation on boards.

By using the metrics, organisations can identify issues and challenges, and develop action plans to demonstrate improved working practices over time.

The WRES provides a framework that all NHS organisations and those providing NHS services can use to:

  • review their data against nine WRES indicators;
  • produce action plans to close the gaps in workplace experience between white and BME staff;
  • improve BME representation at the board level of the organisation.

WRES Working Group at BSUH

 Our WRES working group was established in 2018 with a diverse staff membership.

It was established following a WRES conference in May 2018. All staff were invited to attend to discuss which areas to focus on. People worked in partnership to think about the underlying meaning of race equality, how it impacts working relationship and what can be done to improve on delivering on race equality duties. This was followed by a conference in June 2018 to report on progress.

The WRES working group has produced a partnership and engagement plan for 2018-2021.

WRES reports