Has your child been referred to us by your GP for wetting problems?

We are offering a new specialist service in the Royal Alexandra Children’s Hospital to help with your child’s problem.

First steps

The following leaflets and videos provide tips for how to improve your child's condition and prepare for appointments.

Next steps

Approximately 4 weeks after you receiving your referral letter, we will provide a telephone consultation to check on your child’s progress and decide if any further tests or clinic appointments are required.

During the phone consultation, we will discuss how you have been getting on with the advice provided on this website, and may arrange a renal ultrasound scan with pre and post passing urine pictures. We may then see you with all the results in clinic if this is required.

Useful links

There are also relevant links which you will find useful here:



If you have difficulties accessing this information please contact one of our surgical secretaries on 01273 696955 extension 2315 or 2316.