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Welcome to Level 11 Gynaecology Ward

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This leaflet has been produced to give you an insight into the ward you are staying on and what to expect.

We understand that coming into hospital may be a very significant time for you and we want to be able to provide you the best possible care.

Level 11 Gynaecology, or ‘L11’ as often abbreviated, is a 9 bed female only ward that provides care for women with gynaecological cancers, women who require elective surgery for benign gynaecological conditions as well those who are admitted in an emergency situation.

We also run an Early Pregnancy Unit for women experiencing problems in pregnancy under 14 weeks and an emergency Gynaecology Assessment Unit.

There is a team of health care professionals involved in the care of patients on this ward. The matron for L11 is Kirsty Taylor.

    Who is in charge of L11?

    The ward manager is Claire Kotze; she wears a navy blue tunic with red epaulettes.

      Who runs the ward?

      Each shift is led by a ward sister in a navy blue tunic or a senior staff nurse in a pale blue tunic.

        Who will deliver my care?

        Each shift you will have a named nurse responsible for your care, they wear pale blue tunics and are supported by a Health Care Assistant in grey tunics.

          Who else will I meet?

          You will meet doctors, pharmacists (and maybe Macmillan nurses) who do not wear uniforms. You may also meet sonographers, physiotherapists, occupational therapists and student nurses who all wear white tunics.

          To help you identify all of the people involved in your care and to assure you of your security all members of staff are required to wear a photographic identification name badge.

          Catering and domestic staff wear distinctive uniforms and carry name badges also.

            What can I bring with me?

            Please only bring essential items as space is limited and ask your visitors to take home any unused items. We will ask you to sign a disclaimer to take responsibility for your property.

            We recommend that any valuables, including jewellery, money or credit cards are taken home as the ward does not have the facilities for safe keeping of such items.

            To reduce the risk of infections we ask that visitors do not sit on the beds and that no flowers or soft toys are brought onto the ward.

              Can I have my own room?

              There is 1 single room on L11 and this is allocated on the basis of clinical need.

                Can I have my curtains around me?

                Staff members need to ensure they can see all patients at all times. We do ask that the curtains are left open to enable this to happen. Obviously you have a right to dignity, privacy and sensitivity so the curtains will be closed for direct nursing care and other areas when deemed appropriate.

                  When can visitors come to see me?

                  Visiting times on L11 are from 15.00–17.00 and 19.00–20.30 every day.

                  Due to the sensitivity and nature of our ward and limited space we ask for no more than 2 visitors at one time.

                    Can children visit?

                    L11 may not be the most suitable environment for young children but if they do visit please ensure other patients are not disturbed.

                      Can I use my mobile telephone?

                      Mobile telephones may be used with discretion: do not let them disturb others or interrupt your care (use silent mode).

                      Each bedside has its own telephone, television, radio and internet. These are provided by an out sourced company (not the hospital). The radio is free of charge but charges do apply to other services. Headphones are to allow available to allow you not disturb others.

                        What should I be doing?

                        Whilst you are in hospital you will be encouraged to do as much as possible for yourself and to try and mobilise frequently to help aid recovery. Nursing staff will be here to assist you.

                          When are meals served?

                          Meal times are approximately:
                          Breakfast: 08.00
                          Lunch: 12.00
                          Supper: 18.00

                          Hot drinks are served between meal times and water jugs are changed 2/3 times throughout the day. If you have any special dietary requirements please let us know.

                          There is a hot drinks trolley in the corridor if you wish to make yourself drinks or if a visitor would like one they are able to help themselves in exchange for a small donation.

                          How are my religious needs met?

                          Please inform us of any spiritual or religious needs you may have. Our multi faith chaplaincy services can provide comfort and support to all and will never force any religions upon you.

                            How is my care organised? How am I involved?

                            L11 have a philosophy of care that we aim to work by and ensures that we include you in all decisions regarding your care.

                            Every morning and evening during the shift changing period the nursing staff will hand over your care to each other by having a discussion by your bedside; you are a part of these discussions. Please listen and contribute if you feel appropriate.

                            Each day the medical staff will visit you on the ward round. They will be discussing your care with you and making management plans. We encourage you to be involved in this asking question when unsure. There will be no treatment of you without your involvement and fully gained consent.

                            We have specialist teams and services to help you deal with many of the problems that illness and a stay in hospital might bring. You can tell any of the nursing staff about any problems, if they are unable to assist they will find someone who can.

                              What about going home?

                              Prior to leaving the hospital we will have already discussed your discharge plans with you or your close ones. Any social issues please inform the nursing staff in case we need to help with complex needs.

                              As your discharge home approaches the doctors will prepare a letter for you and your GP which will include important information regarding your stay in hospital, what happened whilst here, any future plans and who to call for advice once you leave (should it be necessary). This letter includes the prescription for any medications to take with you.

                              We recommend you wear normal loose day clothes to go home in.

                              Before leaving the hospital you may be transferred to the discharge lounge. This is adjacent to the hospital's main entrance. The discharge lounge can provide necessary treatments and meals and has a designated short stay parking bay for whoever may be collecting you to take you home. Transfer to the discharge lounge speeds up the process of leaving hospital.

                                General Information

                                Please remember we do try to deliver the best care on an individual basis as much as possible within an extremely busy clinical environment.

                                It is really helpful if there is one designated person identified for staff to contact or to ring the ward to find out how you are and that all other family members or friends communicate with that one person.

                                Due to the morning being the busiest time we politely ask that relatives call after 11:00 when most doctors’ rounds have been conducted.

                                The telephone number for Level 11 is 01273 523191

                                We are unable to give out information over the telephone in accordance with the Data Protection Act, and we request that you do not ask the staff to do so.

                                  Anything else?

                                  In line with the published hospital policy any patient or visitor who is offensive, threatening or violent will be referred to the hospital security service, as will any person found to be smoking, drinking or using illicit drugs.

                                  The hospital has a no smoking policy on hospital grounds.

                                  This information is intended for patients receiving care in Brighton & Hove or Haywards Heath.

                                  The information here is for guidance purposes only and is in no way intended to replace professional clinical advice by a qualified practitioner.

                                  Produced by Ward Sister Samantha Backley.

                                  Publication Date: March 2021

                                  Review Date: December 2023

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