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Trial without catheter (TWOC)

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What is trial without catheter?

Trial without catheter is when a catheter which has been inserted previously into your bladder via the urethra or abdomen is removed for a trial period to determine whether you are able to pass sufficient urine spontaneously as before. The urethra is the tube from your bladder through which urine drains.

The catheter is held in the bladder with a balloon which is deflated prior to removal.

We ask for relatives to be kept to a minimum as space is limited. Also please remember to bring medication with you.

Please do notify us if you are unable to attend this appointment as these are valuable.

    What happens once the catheter is removed?

    Once the catheter comes out you will be asked to drink plenty of fluids approximately a glass every 30-45 minutes. You will be asked to stay in the clinic so that you can be monitored. Lunch will be provided.

      How long will I have to stay?

      You maybe with us for a number of hours so please do make allowances for this. You will be asked to stay until you have passed urine satisfactorily, a minimum of 3 times. Your urine will be measured each time you void and a bladder scan will be performed after your third void to determine the volume of urine remaining in your bladder.

      The scan may be performed earlier if you are in any discomfort or you have not voided any urine for 4-6 hrs.

      Your urine will be tested for infection.

        What happens after the scan?

        You may be able to go home if you have passed urine satisfactorily and the residual volumes in your bladder are minimal.

        You might need repeated scans if the residual volumes are not satisfactory.

          What happens if I cannot pass urine or I am passing only small amounts?

          You will either need a catheter back in or you may be taught intermittent self catheterisation.

          If you have a catheter back in then you will need to have it changed every 10-12 weeks and you may even require another trial without catheter, which we will arrange. You will also be referred to Home Delivery Company for delivery of catheter products to your home address.

            Useful Telephone Numbers

            The Princess Royal Hospital

            The Urology Nursing Team 01444 441881 Extension. 65457.


            Ansty Ward 01444 441881 Extension. 68240/68241.

            Urology Consultants:

            Mr Coker’s secretary 01444 441881 Extension. 68043.
            Mr Crawford’s secretary 01444 441881 Extension. 65962.
            Mr Symes’ secretary 01273 696955 Extension. 67809.
            Mr Larner’s secretary 01273 696955 Extension. 67808.
            Mr Alanbuki’s secretary 01273 696955 Extension. 67810.
            Mr Zakikhani’s secretary 01273 696955 Extension. 67810.

              This information is intended for patients receiving care in Brighton & Hove or Haywards Heath.

              The information in this leaflet is for guidance purposes only and is in no way intended to replace professional clinical advice by a qualified practitioner.

                Publication Date: May 2022

                Review Date: February 2025

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