Your inpatient stay

Prepare for your stay

We recommend that you start by reading our welcome booklet. It contains lots of information to help you to prepare for your stay.

Preparing for your child’s stay

If your child has been given a date to come in for surgery please follow the information in this self-isolation leaflet regarding shielding. You will be contacted by telephone during the two-week shielding period for a pre assessment and to arrange your child attending hospital 72 hours prior to surgery for a swab to be taken.

If anything changes during this period, please call 01273 696955 extension 2347, 3150, 2348 or 2534 as quickly as possible to discuss.

Find out more about your child’s inpatient stay at the Alex.

Life on the ward

Leaving hospital (discharge)

Planning your return home

Our staff will help you plan your return home (sometimes called your ‘discharge’). They will arrange any referrals to social services or district nurses that you need.

Our booklet, planning your discharge from hospital, will help you, your carer and your relatives and friends understand how your discharge or transfer from hospital takes place.


Please ensure you have organised for someone to take you home as we do not normally provide transport. If you find it difficult to arrange transport, please talk to the ward staff.

Patient Discharge Lounge

You might be asked to stay in our patient discharge lounge while you wait for your medication or for relatives to take you home.

Once home, if you are concerned about your medication, call the patient medicine helpline on 01444 454 388.

Useful information leaflets

Having an operation

This film offers a guide to your journey to and after your operation.