Visiting patients

Visiting times

Visitors are very welcome. Normal visiting hours in adult wards are 3pm to 8pm.

In children’s wards, parents are able to visit at anytime by arrangement. Visitors other than parents can also visit at anytime before 8pm.

If you need to visit outside of normal visiting hours, please discuss this with the ward manager and they may be able to arrange this.

There are some exceptions to the normal visiting times, including in maternity and our intensive care units.

Further information

Visitors are very welcome but we ask that there are no more than two visitors at any one time. Large groups can be tiring and disturb other patients.

Children are able to visit but it is usually advisable not to bring very young children.

We encourage carers to be involved with their loved one’s care if they wish to. Please speak to the sister or charge nurse about how you can continue to care for the patient while they are in hospital.

To protect patients and visitors from the risk of infection, please use the hand gel at the entrance of the ward before and after you visit.

Please do not visit if you have a cold, cough or stomach upset as germs can spread quickly.

Please switch off mobile phones on the wards, so as not to disturb other patients. Never take pictures of staff or patients without their permission.

If you wish to visit at mealtimes, please discuss this with the nurse in charge. During ‘protected mealtimes’ all focus is on eating, as good nutrition is an important part of recovery. Visitors are encouraged if they are going to encourage and support the patient to eat. If not, you may be asked to leave until the mealtime has finished.


Please check with the ward first because many wards do not allow flowers, as it makes it harder to clean.


We are able to provide basic toiletries but patients often appreciate personal items.


All patients are encouraged to wear their own night clothes and many wards encourage patients to wear their own clothes during the day. Unfortunately we do not have washing facilities for clothes on the wards.


We aim to cater for everyone but we understand that patients may like familiar foods from home. Food for the fridge should be ready-to-eat, single-serve, sealed and clearly labelled with name and date. Food such as fruit, nuts and biscuits can be stored in a container in the patient’s locker.

If you are worried about how much or how little a patient is eating, please raise your concerns with the nurse in charge of the ward.

Please note that staff cannot discuss patient details over the phone unless it has been agreed by pre-arrangement with the patient and the sister or charge nurse.