Visiting patients

Visiting times

Visitors are very welcome. Normal visiting hours in adult wards are 3pm to 8pm.

In children’s wards, parents are able to visit at anytime by arrangement. Visitors other than parents can also visit at anytime before 8pm.

If you need to visit outside of normal visiting hours, please discuss this with the ward manager and they may be able to arrange this.

There are some exceptions to the normal visiting times, including in maternity and our intensive care units.

Further information

Visitors are very welcome but we ask that there are no more than two visitors at any one time. Large groups can be tiring and disturb other patients.

Children are able to visit but it is usually advisable not to bring very young children.

We encourage carers to be involved with their loved one’s care if they wish to. Please speak to the sister or charge nurse about how you can continue to care for the patient while they are in hospital.