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Work in the NHS? Visit our extranet - info-net

If you work for the NHS you can now access our extranet - 'info-net’:

Web address: nww.bsuh.nhs.uk


The old intranet site has been replaced with Staff info-net (an extranet site), which is accessible to anyone with an NHS email address (which makes it an ‘extranet’ rather than an internal BSUH ‘intranet’.)

The aim of this site is to be a user-friendly, single source of accurate, relevant, up-to-date and trusted information, which should facilitate two-way communication and provide staff with information they require to do their jobs effectively.  

Site structure

There are now 6 main areas on the site, which are colour coded:

1. Staff room

2. News

3. Working here

4. Clinical

5. The Trust

6. Policies

There is also a new and improved search facility for the whole site. Note - At the moment the search only picks up content on the new site, not department sites which still sit on the old system.

Finding your way around the site

In addition to the new site structure and an improved search facility, you can also find what you are looking for by clicking on drop-down lists that take you straight to the page you need. There are also news feeds and 'what's new?' feeds which are updated regularly.

There is also a breadcrumb trail of links across the top of each page which you can click on to take you back to previous pages you have visited and links to all the main sections on each section homepage under the title banner.

More information

Visit the info-net help pages for more information about the new site. These can be found in the 'Staff Room' section under 'info-net help'.

If you would like any further details about this project please email Lucie Brand (E-Communications Manager) on