Programmes and projects

We deliver a wide range of programmes and projects to support the Trust. We have a core team and regularly recruit fixed term and contract via our vacancies page.

Electronic ordering of pathology and radiology (order comms)

A mobile-enabled order comms system planned for 2019, will provide clinicians with the ability to order pathology and radiology tests and view results for their patients from wherever they are in the hospital. The provision of real-time results will support rapid clinical decision making.

Electronic bed-side observations

In 2019 we will be rolling out electronic observations across the Trust to enable nursing staff to record the vital signs of patients. This has been proven to lead to a reduction in length of stay, mortality and admissions to intensive care.

Electronic prescribing of medicines

Implementing EPMA will benefit the safety and quality of services provided for patients. Benefits will include reduction in drug wastage, reduction in patient length of stay and unplanned re-admissions, reduction in prescribing errors and improved medicines management.