Visiting the Haywards Heath site


The Special Care baby Unit (SCBU) is part of the Princess Royal Hospital.

It is in the 2nd floor of the main building, accessed from Lewes Road, Haywards Heath, RH16 4EX.

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Visiting information updated in line with Coronavirus (COVID-19) guidance

As a team we are very keen to minimise the impact of the current Coronavirus (COVID-19) concerns on the vulnerable babies we care for here at the Trevor Mann Baby Unit. The following information is intended to be supportive and reassuring and follows best practice and is based on evidence that has been evolving rapidly.

From 17 March visiting on the unit will be restricted to Parents only. Exceptional family situations can be discussed and agreed with the nurse in charge.

Anyone with any respiratory or flu like symptoms should not visit the unit. Please stay away from anyone with these symptoms where possible. Call and discuss with the Nurse looking after your baby if you have concerns about this. Phone numbers for the Nurseries are:

Direct Unit Number for TMBU: 01273 523450

Nursery 1 & 2: 01273696955 ext. 3450

Nursery 3: 01273696955 ext. 3948

Other measures that you can take to minimise spread of this virus are:

Hand Hygiene- Please see practice a good hand washing technique. If you would like your Nurse to demonstrate or assess your hand washing, please ask. Please wash your hands before entering the nursery and use the alcohol gel provided at each bed space before you touch your baby. Please encourage and remind all staff to do this too.

Further measures you could take to improve your hand hygiene would be to remove rings (especially with stones), watches, and false nails and nail varnish. Nails should be kept neat and short. Please wear short sleeve as having no long sleeves means you are able to wash your hands and lower arms effectively. Using hand cream can help prevent your hands from drying out and becoming sore.

Environment- Each baby’s bed space is cleaned routinely. Nursing and housekeeping staff would be grateful if you can help keep bed spaces clean and tidy. If you would like to clean your baby’s bed space, please speak to the Nurse looking after your baby. Keeping personal belongings at the bed side to a minimum is helpful and taking washing away with you after each visit is appreciated.

Mobile phones – mobile phones have been found to be a significant source of all bacteria and viruses. Please use the wipes that are available in green packets which are suitable for cleaning phones and other electronic devices. If you choose to bring your phone into the nursery with you then please could you wipe your phone when you enter the nursery and then again when you leave. Please remember to gel your hands after handling your phone and before touching your baby.

When you are away from the unit, keeping your environment clean and encouraging others around you with hand hygiene could further protect you from being exposed to the virus.

Social Contact- Whilst we appreciate having a baby in the Neonatal Unit is stressful and you may need support, please consider how many people you are in close contact with outside this unit. Social distancing to prevent the spread of this virus is recommended. If you are concerned you have been in contact with someone who is potentially infected, please speak to the Nurse looking after your baby.

Sources of Support- If you are noticing an impact on your mental health at this time, all of our staff are here to help you. The BLISS charity website also has some good resources for emotional support.

You also might find it helpful to watch the following video:

To support your other children please look at the BBC Newsround website and YouTube where Dr Ranj uses helpful child friendly language to explain the Coronavirus situation.

Thank you for working with us to keep you, your baby and our staff safe.

Claire Hunt, Neonatal Matron

Dr Rob Bomont, Neonatal Clinical Lead

Dr Cassie Lawn, Neonatal Clinical Lead