We are continually involved in local and national research projects. As a result of many parents consenting to their babies’ taking part in such research we have been able to constantly improve our care.

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We are currently involved in the NEO-CIRC study, funded by a €5.99 million European Commission grant. This project has 18 partners in 8 countries, and further information can be found on

Another pioneering study that has taken place in the unit investigated the use of delayed cord clamping after birth. As a result of this research, the World Health Organisation now promotes the use of this simple intervention in the care of new-born babies worldwide.

Neonatal research helps BSUH to develop and sustain an ethos of patient-centred, evidence-based care. A pillar of the TMBU is to focus on the comfort of both neonates and their parents, with research looking into the delivery of pain medication, and also of the parents’ opinion on the studies being conducted.

Further information

If you would like any further information please contact one of our research team on 01273 696955 ext. 2396 or email us on

Visit our research website for information about clinical research at BSUH