Our facilities

Babies admitted to a neonatal unit may require special care, high dependency care or intensive care. Intensive care is needed only by the most premature or sick babies.

Our units have all the necessary facilities and staffing to deliver high quality and up-to-date care to newborn babies and supportive care to babies and parents during the stages of recovery.

We may need to use specialised equipment to help us look after your baby. If we do need any of this, we will explain its purpose in detail to you.

Our units

The Trevor Mann Baby Unit (TMBU) in Brighton is a specialist unit for the care of premature and sick newborn babies. It provides special care, high dependency care and intensive care. It also provides a service for babies requiring surgery.

TMBU has the following nurseries:

  • Nursery 1 is an intensive care nursery, mainly for babies who need help with their breathing.
  • Nursery 2 is the high dependency nursery for babies who have improved but may still need some support with their breathing.
  • Nursery 3 is the special care nursery

Visiting the unit

The Special Care Baby Unit (SCBU) in Haywards Heath is a unit for the care of premature and sick newborn babies requiring short term high dependency care or special care.

SCBU has two special care nurseries. They are equipped to stabilise a baby for transfer to Brighton or another intensive care unit.

Visiting the unit