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Trauma and orthopaedics

What we do

We care for patients with disorders of the bones, muscles or joints. We provide outpatient fracture care, elective (planned) orthopaedic surgery and trauma (emergency) surgery.

The Royal Sussex County Hospital is the adult major trauma centre for the south east coast. We provide specialised care for severely injured patients from Chichester in the west towards Hastings and parts of Kent in the east.

We receive patients directly from the scene of injury or from trauma units and A&E departments across the region. Patients have immediate access to diagnostic and treatment facilities, including blood transfusion, CT scans and emergency operating theatres.

We host the Sussex Trauma Network, which develops and provides care pathways for patients across Sussex.


At the Royal Sussex County Hospital, we provide trauma surgery, major trauma care and acute admissions.

At the Princess Royal Hospital and the Sussex Orthopaedic Treatment Centre, we provide elective surgery and rehabilitation.

Physiotherapy (pre- and post-surgery)

The physiotherapists on all Trauma and Orthopaedic wards provide specialist physiotherapy for patients undergoing a wide range of trauma and elective (planned) orthopaedic surgery procedures. Across the wards we treat patients post operatively after both day surgery and inpatient surgery. We also see some elective patients pre-operatively for advice, assessment and education.

Our main role is to help restore mobility and function following your surgery or fracture. If you have had surgery or injury to your lower limb(s) we may practise mobility tasks with you, for example teaching you how to walk with crutches or how to climb stairs.  We will give you advice how to manage your symptoms post-operatively and teach you any exercises which are specific to aiding your recovery. If you have had an operation or injury to your upper limb(s) will practise exercises specific to your surgery or injury and daily living tasks including fitting and taking on and off slings (where required) to help you return to independent living at home. We will also make arrangements for follow up physiotherapy if it’s indicated. This will be provided in your local area.

Our friendly and dynamic team are dedicated to improving or service and enhancing the patient experience so we welcome any feedback from patients, carers and family.



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