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What we do

We help restore movement and function to as near normal as possible when someone is affected by injury, illness or by developmental or other disability.

Physiotherapists work in a wide variety of health settings and treat people with acute (after surgery, injury) and chronic (long term problems) conditions that may affect one or more of the body’s systems. They also work in specialist areas.

Services for conditions affecting the body’s systems

Specialist services


  • Royal Sussex County Hospital (Hanbury building): 01273 523050
  • Princess Royal Hospital: 01444 441881 extn 8664
  • Sussex Rehabilitation Centre at PRH: 01444 441881 extn 6822
  • Brighton General Hospital: 01273 665111
  • Falls Prevention Service: 01273 265574
  • Hove Polyclinic: 01273 242118
  • Royal Alexandra Children’s Hospital: 01273 328145 extn 3153
  • Sussex Orthopaedic Treatment Centre: 01444 441881 extn 8834
  • Sussex Rehabilitation Centre at Brighton General (amputees): 01273 696011 extn 3807

Self-referral to MSK physiotherapy

How to self refer

Patient information

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