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Pain management

What we do

Inpatient services

We advise on and manage more difficult cases of inpatient care involving:

  • complex surgery on high-risk patients
  • complex patients, i.e. sufferers from acute and chronic pain, cancer pain (until referred to the Macmillan team), opioid dependence or substance misuse
  • prevention of chronic pain by good acute pain management
  • recognition and early treatment of neuropathic pain
  • non-surgical patients, i.e. medicine, obstetrics, ITU/HDU
  • specific vulnerable groups: the elderly, pregnancy, paediatrics, patients with liver and renal problems

We also promote competent practice by providing clinical guidelines and regular teaching sessions for staff.

Outpatient services

We provide outpatient services at Hove Polyclinic.


We provide inpatient services in our hospital wards and outpatient services at Hove Polyclinic.

Patient information

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