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Medical physics

What we do

Medical physics provides scientific, technical and regulatory support to a range of services within BSUH and to external clients in the NHS and private sector.

We provide some services directly to patients, such as radioiodine therapies.

We also undertake research and development activity.

Our services

We provide scientific support services covering diagnostic and interventional radiology, radiation protection (for both ionising and non-ionising radiation), ultrasound, MRI, lasers, UV treatment, nuclear medicine as well as research and development.

We also operate a dosimetry service (currently pending HSE approval) and are part of the East Sussex Radiation Monitoring Group (ESRMG).

We provide high quality radiation physics services to three acute NHS trusts as well as to other private clients.

This includes expert scientific services and safety advice on the use of both ionising and non-ionising radiation in a wide range of healthcare applications.

We have expertise across a range of medical physics sub-disciplines.

Our radiation and imaging physicists provide essential support to the BSUH’s busy and technically demanding clinical services, ensuring good quality equipment while minimising associated risks to patients and staff.

Our activity includes:

  • RPA support
  • MPE support
  • Radiation safety X-ray surveys/QC of imaging equipment
  • Dosimetry and incident investigations
  • Clinical scientist training centre
  • Research and development

In addition, we provide a scientific and technical support service to other hospital trusts, academic institutions and private organisations.

Our services to internal and external clients include:

  • MRE (MR Expert) provision
  • MR clinical development
  • MR equipment QA testing
  • MR research development and support
  • Safety training
  • MR safe implant characterisation
  • LPA support
  • Laser core knowledge and safety awareness training
  • Incident investigations
  • Laser science support
  • Clinical governance of laser use
  • Ultrasound science clinical support
  • Clinical governance and image quality optimisation
  • Clinical and quality assurance research
  • Machine training/quality assurance testing training
  • Artificial optical radiation scientific support
  • Phototherapy measurements and science support
A team of nuclear medicine physicists provide support for a range of activities within BSUH, as well as to other NHS trusts in the region. Activities include:

  • RPA support
  • MPE support
  • Equipment specification, tender management and quality control/calibration
  • Facility design expertise
  • Radionuclide therapies
  • Radioactive waste management (RWA provision)
  • Incident investigations
  • Imaging science support/development
  • Introduction and validation of procedures/protocols.
  • Training centre
  • Research
We have a national reputation for the provision of high quality personal radiation monitoring and radiation protection services, with our own processing laboratory, exclusively for personal dosimetry.

The service is currently pending approval by the Health and Safety Executive for whole body and skin dosimetry. It is approved to serve as a Coordination and Record Keeping Service for Classified Workers.

We have over 65 years’ experience in personal monitoring and is one of the largest dosimetry services in the NHS.

We provide personal radiation monitoring to hospitals and trusts across the UK. We maintain a quality management system for the dosimetry service in line with the ISO9001:2008 standard.

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