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What we do

We provide comprehensive care for women with a wide range of gynaecology conditions.

Inpatient services

Level 11 gynaecology ward, RSCH: caters for emergency gynaecology and is the regional cancer centre for gynaecological oncology providing care for women after cancer surgery. It also provides care for women having specialist treatment of endometriosis.

Horsted Keynes gynaecology ward, PRH: caters for elective gynaecology and breast care for women having surgery.

Emergency services

Specialist services

We are the regional centre for gynaecology cancers such as ovarian, vulval and cervical.

Your care pathway is carefully planned with your involvement. It is likely to involve:

Multi-disciplinary meetings 

If you have been referred to a Gynae-oncology Consultant you will be discussed in a multi-disciplinary meeting in order to establish the best course of treatment for you. This takes place every Tuesday and consists of Radiologists, Histopathologists, Oncologists, McMillan Nurses and your Gynae-oncology Consultant. The outcome of this meeting will be shared with you in the clinic.

Multi-disciplinary oncology clinic:

If you have had a cancer diagnosis you will need to have joint care with the Oncologist and Gynaecologist. Joint clinics take place and you will have the opportunity to ask questions about your care.


If the decision has been made with you to have an operation you will have a pre-op assessment and be admitted to Level 11 the Gynaecology Ward (see inpatient services)

Initial follow-up:

If you have had an operation for cancer we will offer you the choice of either a telephone consultation or an appointment to see your Consultant to discuss the results of your histology. Most patients are happy to discuss this over the phone but you will be given the choice and can inform us before you leave the hospital.

Cancer follow-up clinic:

You will be given an appointment in the follow-up clinic approximately 6 weeks after your surgery

We provide specialist care and treatment for women with endometriosis and pelvic pain.

Your care pathway is carefully planned with your involvement. It is likely to involve:

Outpatient clinic:

If you have been referred to this specialist clinic you will be seen by the Consultant or one of their team. Your symptoms will be discussed with you and treatment options will be explored. We offer a number of treatments for endometriosis including medical management and a wide range of keyhole (laparoscopic) operations.

Multi-disciplinary meetings:

For more complex cases you may be discussed at our monthly Endometriosis Multi-disciplinary meetings where a number of different specialists provide input to your care. This may include Bladder Surgeons, Bowel Surgeons and Radiologists.

Minimal access surgery:

If the decision has been made with you to have an operation you will have a pre-op assessment and be admitted to either Level 11 the Gynaecology Ward (see inpatient services) or Level 5 Day Surgery Unit. Keyhole surgery is the preferred method and usually done as a day case for minor procedures. In more complex cases you will need to be admitted to the ward.

Voluntary support group:

A support group for sufferers of endometriosis is run at the Royal Sussex County Hospital by volunteers Hilary Denyer and Carol Pearson from Endometriosis UK. Meetings take place at Sussex House, 1 Abbey Road in Brighton. Abbey Road runs down the side of the Outpatient Department and SussexHouse is a large building on the bottom right hand corner with St George’s Road.

Whether you are newly diagnosed or have been suffering from endometriosis for some time, or are a partner, friend of family member of a sufferer, you are welcome to attend to receive support and information. Meetings are a mixture of speaker meetings or general support where we chat over tea and coffee. If you are interested in receiving further details about the meetings, please contact Hilary and Carol on or by text on 07972 126134.

We assess and treat women with pelvic floor disorders and lower urinary tract problems.

For further information, visit the urogynaecology webpage.

Outpatient clinics

All referrals must be made via your GP. We do not offer a walk in service at any of our clinics.

This is for women who have a gynaecology condition that will not allow them to wait for a routine appointment and need to be seen within 10 working days.
This clinic is for suspected cancer. Women are seen within the two week wait pathway with symptoms such as post-menopausal bleeding or abdominal masses.
This is for non-urgent referrals for women with general gynaecology problems such as heavy or painful periods, fibroids and pelvic pain. We aim to see all GP referrals within 8 weeks.
A hysteroscopy is a procedure during which the inside of the uterus (womb) is examined using a thin narrow type tube called a hysteroscope. It can help to give a clear diagnosis of problems you are experiencing and help to decide the right treatment for you.
Colposcopy is a special method of looking at the cervix (the neck of the womb) with a microscope. We run colposcopy clinics on both sites as part of the NHS Cervical Screening Programme which aims to reduce the number of women who develop invasive cervical cancer by detecting and treating early abnormalities usually detected by a smear test.
We have specialist urogynaecology consultants who provide clinics for women with continence problems. This enables us to establish the best method of treating your problem.

For more information, visit the urogynaecology webpage.

This clinic is for women and their partners who are experiencing difficulties conceiving and hormonal problems. This is run by the specialist fertility consultants.
For women who have had three or more consecutive miscarriages we have specialist consultants that will investigate possible causes of your miscarriage. They will also monitor you closely during any subsequent pregnancies.
At the Princess Royal Hospital we carry out a minor procedures clinic such as insertion of intrauterine device (IUD). Small procedures are carried out here often under local anaesthetic.


Our inpatient and outpatient care is mainly provided at Level 11 of the Thomas Kemp Tower at the Royal Sussex County Hospital and at Horsted Keynes Ward at Princess Royal Hospital.

Emergency care is provided at the Royal Sussex County Hospital.


  • RSCH, level 11 gynaecology ward: 01273 523191
  • PRH, Horsted Keynes ward: 01444 441881 extn. 5686
  • Outpatients: 0300 303 9640


01444 448730 2nd floor, Princess Royal Hospital

A 12 bedded ward based in Hayward’s Heath. It caters for elective gynaecology and breast care for women having surgery. The ward also accommodates the Early Pregnancy Unit, colposcopy and out-patient hysteroscopy clinics.

01273 523191 Level 11, Thomas Kemp Tower, Royal Sussex County Hospital

Level 11 is a 9 bedded ward catering for women with emergency gynaecology conditions and following cancer surgery. It also provides care for women having specialist treatment of endometriosis. The ward also accommodates the Early Pregnancy Unit, Gynaecology Assessment Unit and operates a nurse led pre-operative assessment clinic.

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