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What we do

Anaesthetists are highly qualified doctors responsible for the provision of anaesthesia for adults and children during operative, medical and diagnostic procedures.

We are also involved in the care, resuscitation and transfer of critically ill patients within the hospital and to other centres, and we have strong links and involvement in both adult and children’s intensive care units.

We run a clinic for high risk individuals who are considering surgery which will involve an anaesthetic and we also have close links with the pain service, providing both acute pain relief within the hospital and chronic pain management for palliative care, cancer services and longstanding conditions. We also provide anaesthesia and pain relief for people in labour.

We provide services across all our hospitals.

This page provides access to reliable resources about your anaesthesia so that you can be fully informed before your day of surgery. For more information generally on Anaesthetics please see the wide range of resources available from the Royal College of Anaesthetists.

For more information about each type of anaesthetic please read the sections below or view the leaflet Anaesthesia explained.

Preparing for your appointment

Please remember to:

  • adhere to recommended fasting times
  • be prepared to answer questions about your current and past medical and surgical history
  • take your normal prescribed medications as usual with the exception of those you have been specifically asked to avoid to allow surgery to go ahead
  • read the sections below depending on what type of anaesthetic you may be having


  • Royal Sussex County Hospital: 01273 696955 extn. 64307 or 64796
  • Princess Royal Hospital: 01444 441881 extn. 68237 or 68239

General enquiries can be sent to

Patient information

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