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Healthy Volunteers Database

As our research portfolio has evolved, the number of studies requiring the recruitment of ‘healthy' volunteers has increased. In some instances they are needed as a comparison, in others ‘healthy' volunteers make up the entire study population.

It is important to highlight that the term ‘healthy' volunteers can be misleading. It does not necessarily exclude people with existing health conditions. 

The research protocol requirements of ‘healthy’ volunteers vary from study to study. For example some studies simply require a blood sample, some an imaging investigation such as an X-ray, and others the completion of some questionnaires or an interview.

To date, recruitment of ‘healthy’ volunteers has been more challenging than recruiting patients with a clinical condition. Our Clinical Research Facility is based within a hospital (BSUH) and most of our clinical research participants are under the care of a hospital clinician and therefore referred via a clinic or multi-disciplinary clinical meeting. Recruitment of ‘healthy' volunteers used to be mainly as a result of displaying ethically approved posters in the relevant areas of the hospital, however we have more recently established a database system for collating a pool of people, who are interested, in principle, in participating in ‘healthy' volunteers research.  

If you are interested in being on the ‘healthy’ volunteer database, please submit your details using the form below. You can opt to volunteer for some types of research and not for others.

It is important to emphasise that the database is simply a list of people who have given permission to their details being stored because they are potentially interested in participating in clinical research. By agreeing to have your details stored on the database, you are not consenting to research. You are agreeing that the research team can access the secure database when they need to and make contact with individuals to discuss specific studies that require the participation of ‘healthy’ volunteers. Participation is entirely voluntary and you are under no obligation to take part.

Every clinical research protocol outlines who is eligible to participate. The study team will be responsible for pre-screening potential ‘healthy’ volunteer participants, and for the informed consent process according to BSUH NHS Trust policy, where applicable.    

Since the ‘healthy’ volunteer database was introduced, we have had a good response and we now have a number of people registered.

Under the Data Protection Act, we need your written permission to store your details on the database. This secure database is managed in accordance with the Data Protection Act. Only researchers from BSUH and the Brighton and Sussex Medical School will have access to your details and these will not be passed on to any third party. You can request for your details to be removed from the database at any time. Each year, one of the team will contact you to check if you are still happy to be listed in the database.


Please complete the below registration form if you would like to register on our Healthy Volunteers Database:

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By submitting this form I give my permission for the information above to be stored on a database of potential healthy volunteers managed by the Clinical Investigation and Research Unit (CIRU) at the Royal Sussex County Hospital.