Study sponsorship

About research sponsorship

A sponsor is an individual, organisation or group taking on the responsibility for securing the arrangements to initiate, manage and finance a study.

Every research project involving people and their data must have a sponsor. The sponsor is usually one of the organisations taking a lead for particular aspects of the study.

BSUH takes an active role in study sponsorship, and aims to work with investigators to develop their research successfully.

In line with the UK Policy Framework for Health and Social Care Research, in most cases BSUH expects Universities to accept the role of sponsor for all educational research conducted by their own students.

Requesting research sponsorship from BSUH

If you would like BSUH to act as sponsor for your research, please get in touch via as early as possible in the development of your research idea.

Protocol review panel (PRP)

We can work with you to ensure your protocol and associated documents are of a high standard, ensuring you get the approvals you need in a timely manner.

We do this through our protocol review panel (PRP), a monthly meeting that researchers seeking sponsorship are invited to attend. The PRP aims to collaborate with researchers and provide expertise and resources during the protocol development phase, to support the development of high quality research protocols and research ethics applications that will satisfy the requirements of the Trust in its capacity as research sponsor.

Attending the PRP meeting

It is recommended that you attend the PRP meeting as it will give you access to expertise in:

  • Qualitative & quantitative research methods
  • Statistics
  • Funding
  • Recruitment
  • Pharmaceutical and device management
  • Laboratory and sample management
  • Imaging
  • Trial management

Initial review stage

At the initial review stage, the panel will discuss the proposal, offer feedback and advice, and may subsequently work with the researcher to develop the application.

Final review stage

At the final review stage, when a project proposal is deemed fully developed, a full PRP application is made, whereby the study documentation is formally reviewed by two members of the panel, and a recommendation for sponsorship given. The Trust’s Research Governance and Quality Assurance committee then review the final application with recommendations from PRP and provide BSUH sponsorship approval.



For more information on how to start the sponsorship process and dates of panel meetings, please contact