Letters of Access and Research Passports

Why is a Letter of Access or Research Passport necessary?

Research within the NHS is often undertaken by NHS staff not directly employed by the host NHS organisation, or by non-NHS staff, particularly researchers employed by universities. This raises issues about responsibility, accountability, patient safety and duty of care.

To mitigate these issues, all members of the research team must have a substantive employment contract, an honorary contract, a Letter of Access or a Research Passport in order to participate in research activity at BSUH. This assures the Trust that pre-engagement checks have been undertaken on the researcher in line with NHS Employment Check Standards.

Click here for information from the National Institute of Health Research

Requesting a Letter of Access or Research Passport

Employees of other NHS Trusts can complete the NHS to NHS pre-engagement check form to request a Letter of Access.

Employees of non-NHS organisations must complete a Research Passport form to request an honorary contract or Research Passport.

Both request forms should be sent to r&d.approvals@bsuh.nhs.uk with supporting documentation.