How patients can get involved

Clinical research takes part in many areas throughout our hospitals, and involves a broad range of our patients, from neonates to the elderly, with a wide variety of medical conditions.

Each study investigates something very specific, and has strict eligibility criteria for who is suitable to take part.

If you are invited to take part in a study or trial, it is entirely up to you whether or not you would like to get involved. If you decide not to participate, your NHS treatment will not be affected and you will continue to be looked after like any other patient.

Why take part in research?

The reasons people take part vary, but people often say that taking part in a clinical trial or research study is a positive and rewarding experience. Participants involved in a study related to a medical condition they have often feel as though they are more knowledgeable and are taking a more active role in their healthcare as a result.

Being a participant in a clinical research study often means that our patients can be among the first to benefit from the very latest treatments. People who take part in research are likely to be contributing to the discovery of more effective medical treatments in the future. There is evidence that for some conditions, patients involved with clinical trials have better long-term outcomes.

The health of every study participant is closely monitored throughout a clinical trial and any changes, whether or not they are linked to the treatment being given, may be picked up and acted upon earlier than if you were not in a trial.

What will happen to me if I participate in a research study?

It is difficult to be specific here, as each study is designed to investigate something different, meaning the duration of the study and the investigations required (e.g. blood sampling, ECG, x-rays or other imaging) will vary. You will be provided with detailed information about a study if you are considering participating.

All of our studies are well-regulated and managed, and with research being embedded into the day-to-day work of the Trust, you can always be assured of excellent standards of care and safety.

How to find us

Most research appointments take place in our dedicated Clinical Research Facility.

Research also takes part in other areas across our hospitals.

You will be told where you need to go for your appointment.

How can I find out more?

There are several ways to find out more about clinical research, and some of our suggestions are: