Clinical Research Facility

At the Royal Sussex County Hospital, we are fortunate to have one of only 19 CRFs in the UK.

Clinical Research Facilities (CRFs) provide dedicated departments and expert staff to deliver high intensity experimental research, and mean that patients are more likely to be offered the opportunity to participate in clinical trials.

Our CRF is designed to enhance opportunities for research, by providing the necessary space, equipment and expertise, alongside the infrastructure and support services that an NHS hospital offers. This enables research into novel interventions or treatments to be feasible and safe.

At any one time the CRF hosts over 100 research projects. We manage a diverse portfolio of academic and commercial research, with our overarching remit being to support the delivery of early-phase clinical trials and other novel interventions. Research taking place in the Brighton CRF focuses on understanding the causes of human disease and the effects of new treatments, tests and devices. Our team of expert researchers administer medication, treatments and conduct tests while supporting patients throughout their involvement in medical research.

Since opening in 2007, Brighton CRF has developed and fine-tuned systems and processes that result in the delivery of a first class clinical research service to research participants and users of the facility.

“Brighton CRF has a reputation of high quality data management processes”Otsuka Pharmaceutical Development & Commercialization 

“The research nurses and Doctors spent time explaining everything that was going to happen to me in the trial, I felt very safe and fully informed. Everyone in Brighton CRF is so friendly and kind”Phase 1 Clinical Trial participant