Brighton and Sussex University Hospitals Trust is committed to participating in clinical research.

The Maternity Department participates in a variety of research studies.  These include large national research programmes and smaller more local studies.  We believe this helps ensure the care we offer is up-to-date and based on the latest evidence.

Research is an everyday part of the work of the NHS.  People being cared for in the NHS benefit from past research and continue to benefit from research that is currently being carried out.  All research studies rely on volunteers.  Research means we can develop improved treatments and better ways of providing healthcare. Sometimes research takes place in the laboratory and sometimes we need people to be involved.

What does taking part involve?

This will depend on the type of study.  The research team will be able to provide you with details of studies which are relevant to you.  Please contact us on the details below.

How are trials regulated?

All research is covered by regulations that protect the health and safety of the people taking part.  All studies have been approved by an independent research ethics committee.  This committee protects the rights and interest of people who will be in the trial.

Will information about me be kept confidential?

If you take part in a study, staff other than your own midwives and doctors may need to see your pregnancy records. Everyone who sees your records has to follow the hospital’s confidentiality guidelines. Sometimes we need to share information about the study with other hospitals. If we do need to send out information to other researchers, your personal details will not be included to protect your confidentiality.

What if I have concerns about a study?

In the first instance please talk to the research team for the study.  If you would like independent advice you can contact the Patient Advice and Liaison Service (PALS).  You can also discuss participating in studies with your GP.  Please remember participation in research is entirely voluntary and non-participation will not affect your care in any way.

Contact details

If you would like further information about research studies in the department please speak to:  John Bell, Lead Research Midwife

01273 696955 extn. 2400