Covid-19 Maternity Advice Line

For any queries related to Coronavirus including our guidance, service changes or visitor policy which are outlined further down on this page then please email This is covered currently Monday to Friday by a midwife who will reply to the email or call if preferred. Alternatively you can call 01273 067283 every day 8am to 5pm.

Please read the information below. This page is being updated regularly.

If you have a new persistent cough and/or temperature above 37.8 then please do not enter any clinical area, the current advice is to self isolate for yourself and all household members, however if your symptoms deteriorate and you feel that your condition may warrant a hospital admission, then seek advice via NHS 111.

Antenatal clinic appointments

Unfortunately, due to the Coronavirus outbreak, you will need to attend ALL appointments on your own. This includes all ultrasound appointments. This is because we cannot socially distance effectively in the antenatal clinic area with additional people. Our maternity staff are committed to giving you the best care possible during this challenging time and are sorry for the upset this may cause you and your partner.

Antenatal and postnatal ward visitors

It is with regret that due to the COVID-19 pandemic and in line with Trust guidance, partners and visitors are not permitted on Level 12 at the County Hospital or on Bolney ward at the Princess Royal Hospital at all until further notice.

We know this will make it hard for some families but we must consider safety at all times and this decision has been made with that in mind.

Giving birth

Please read the following and know that these measures are there to ensure the safety of all to help prevent spread of Covid-19 and adhere to isolation and social distancing guidance:

  • One well birthing partner- not symptomatic or in an isolation period
  • Birthing partner will be provide with a green wristband on admission- this person will not be interchangeable
  • Birth partner will only be permitted to leave the ward once in 24 hours period- for essential supplies if needed
  • Other than your allocated birth partner NO visitors will be permitted onto either ward area, please ensure your family/friends are aware. Birth partners who are symptomatic and/or in isolation will not be permitted in to the hospital - therefore it is advisable to plan ahead and have a second person identified as birth support should this happen.
  • Please also note that partners are now not able to enter theatre for caesarean sections or any other reason at all.

Pregnancy concerns not related to COVID-19

Please note that if you have any questions or concerns around your pregnancy, that are not related to COVID-19, E.g.:

  • Reduced fetal movements
  • Bleeding
  • Waters broken
  • Labour commences
  • Or anything else that you are concerned about.

Please contact the usual Triage numbers on the front of the your notes.

You are further politely reminded to use the hand sanitiser on entry to the ward area and to wash your hands regularly during your visit. This is in accordance with advice from Public Health England.

This is Brighton and Sussex University Hospital advice, this advice covers both Royal Sussex County Hospital and Princess Royal Hospital.

If you have any questions please speak to your community midwife or contact the hospital for further advice. Please also see guidance here: