Book a study room

Use the online room booking system to book a Study Pod or Group Study Room in the RSCH library (see guidance below).

Two larger IT Training rooms are available at both RSCH Library and PRH Library which can be booked for educational or training purposes only. Contact the library on to discuss booking these rooms.

How to book a room online - instructions

Note: Bookings must be made from emails ending in the following:,,,,,,

If you do not have an email that meets these requirements, contact the library on for help with your booking.

To book a Study Pod or Group Study Room, go to the online room booking system and select the type of room you would like to book – Study Pod or Group Study Room.

Use the scroll bar or ‘Go to Date’ to find the date you require and then click on the time when you would like to make a booking. Bookings are a minimum of one hour and a maximum of two hours. You can click the green squares to select the times or use the dropdown option under the calendar to change the length of your booking slot. Once you have selected the time you require, click submit times. You will then need to enter your name and email address and submit your booking.

Library users can only make one booking of two hours per day. Bookings can be made up to 28 days in advance.

If you no longer need your booking, please cancel via the link in the confirmation email. You can cancel individual bookings (small button on the right) or use the blue button to cancel all of your bookings.

About the study rooms

Study Pods can accommodate two people and there are power and data points in each Pod.

Study pod with 2 chairs and a table

Group Study Rooms 1 and 2 have a computer and a large presentation screen and can hold up to six people.

Group Study Room 3 has a computer with standard monitor and can hold up to four people.

Study room with table, 3 chairs, desktop PC and presentation screen

Study room with table, 3 chairs and presentation screen