Paediatric Prescribing Guideline – Administration of prednisolone 2022

Paediatric prescribing guideline – proton-pump-inhibitors_V6.1_MGC approved july 2023

Paediatric Guidelines – hand and finger infections 2020 (paronychia)

Paediatric guidelines – fever no focus in under 5s 2017

Prescription Writing

Paediatric Guidelines – HBV and HIV PEP for acute sexual assault in the community X

Paediatric guidelines – hyperkalaemia management 2020 X

Paediatric guidelines – Management of paracetamol overdose using SNAP protocol final

Paediatric guidelines – penis zipper injury Jan 2014 X

Paediatric Guidelines – Petechiae and Purpura 2015 X

Paediatric guidelines – pharyngeal infections

Paediatric guidelines – PHARMACY – paracetamol and ibuprofen prescribing at RACH X

Paediatric Guidelines – pleural effusion 2019 X

Paediatric Guidelines – Pneumonia 2014 X

Paediatric Guidelines – community acquired pneumonia 2022

Paediatric Guidelines – pneumothorax

Paediatric guidelines – Pre Theatre Sedative Premedication X

Paediatric Guidelines – Pre-septal and orbital cellulitis 2019 X

Paediatric Guidelines – Pre-septal and orbital cellulitis 2022

Paediatric guidelines – sedation 2019 X

Paediatric Surgical Guidelines – Penis and foreskin problems D X

Paediatric-Guidelines-Primary-Immune-Deficiency-Warning-Signs X

parental-responsibility medical protection society 2012 X

Perioperative Blood transfusion Guide

Pregnancy Testing Policy Final X

Resources for pain and anxiety related symptoms 2018 X

BTS pneumothorax guideline X


Paediatric Guidelines – CED guidelines on photography 2019 X

Paediatric guidelines – Genital injuries and PV bleeding Jan 2019 X

Paediatric guidelines – Clinical photography in the ward or HDU

PEWS (currently disused)

Prescribing TPN

Neonatal TPN prescription 0215 Paediatric TPN prescription 0616