• Anaesthetics / Critical Care / resus:

Timing of surgery and Covid update


Covid232_CW Division_Paeds Guidance Elective Surgery_July 2020

Late cancellation guidance for paediatric elective surgery_Final_June21

Phone promt-COVID-20200323 V3

Covid9.3_Resuscitation in the COVID Environment V2.0 UPDATED

UHS Covid CPR Briefing V3 LIVE

Covid224_RCEM NASMeD adult cardiac arrest statement FINAL

Donning & Doffing for COVID19 and APGs 14th March

RSCH PRH theatre guideline summary poster v1.0

RSCH PRH Covid Theatre Pathway STANDARD 2021 v1.0

RSCH PRH Covid Theatre Pathway HIGH PREVALENCE 2021 v1.0


19.11.20 V12a OBS Theatre pathway

Covid72.2_RACH theatre pathway v16.4 ALSO IN PAEDS SECTION

Covid237_Emergency Surgery Admission Pathway

Covid Intubation Checklist VX2 – 120420

COVID163.1_Tracheostomy Guide v2 (2)

COVID163_Management of ATI COVID v2

COVID163.2_Airway management principles

CoVID07_Cardiac-inpatients-Coronavirus COVID 19 induction drug pack approved

UPDATE Guidance on Self-Isolation 25 Feb 2020

COVID Admission Criteria and Testing 13.03.2020

COVID Proning Flow diagram

COVID Proning photo guide

Covid136_CV19 awake proning flowchart_1.2_11apr2020_JP (3)

Covid129_ICU for Corona infomatic

ICU COVID-19 corticosteroid pathway_v1.2

Covid61.1_BSUH NIV pathway V6.1 (CRIT CARE specific – also in Respiratory NIV section, aimed at wards / domiciliary)

2020-04-13 – Guidance for conscious proning – patient leaflet

BSUH Crit care Anticoag in COVID guidelinesv1.4 (2)170420

trilogy 202 for invasive ventilation – set up

trilogy 202 for NIV and CPAP – set up

QUICK REF trilogy 202 invasive ventilation Settings and Alarms for PC-SIMV

QUICK REF Trilogy 202 non-invasive ventilation Settings and Alarms for BiPAP CPAP

Quick guide – Drager anaesthetic machines as ventilators

ED, Acute  and Inpatients

BSUH management of the COVID+ patient on a general ward v12

Acute Floor Red Green Pathways v8 – in all Covid ED sections

Covid284_BSUH Ward Surge Plan 

Med Reg Checklist RSCH

Med Reg Checklist PRH

COVID Acute Floor Summary Guide with links V3.0 plus

COVID 19 Assessment Prompt V7

COVID Managment Prompt Card v9

AE Discharging Red Patients V8 – also on hospital discharge page in covid guide

Covid Oximetry at Home Pack 0222 – CURRENTLY NOT USED MAY BE REINSTATED

COAtHome Referral v3 also on discharge page




Standard Operating Procedure for the discharge of patients with confirmed COVID v1.0

Covid289.3_AandE Virtual COVID Ward Clinic SOP

Covid157_FINAL 20200327 RSCH Acute Floor detail Pathways v0.3 (UCC screening- different to  above)

20200326 RED Inpatient pathway v0.5

red to green sh

FINAL 20200326_RSCH Acute Floor RED GREEN Area Maps


Covid81_Imaging acute floor RSCH during covid measuresWORD


Covid81.9_C-19 Acute Floor CT Service May 2020

Imaging COVID-19 pathway

Covid167.1_Covid-19 Swabbing Process Poster – 14.12.2020 – FINAL

Rapid testing December 2021 (replaces Covid283) – in multiple sections – also Rapid Testing Changes – Dec 2021

Covid282_BSUH statement on use of CT in suspected Covid October 2020 (2)

Covid238_SE Guide to Testing Edition 4 v280720



SUBMISSION OF CLINCIAL DIAGNOSTIC SAMPLES TO PATHOLOGY v2.3 (Also in imaging / diagnostics section)

Covid107_BSUH management of the COVID+ patient on a general ward (in gen wards and acute floor)

Caring for a covid 19 patient (nursing guidelines)

covis107.1_New covid -19 ward admission sheet v3 09.04

Covid107.2_Covid Ward Round Template (For Escalation and Ward Based Active Care) v2 14.04.2020


Covid158_Exposed pts flowchart 11-12-20 V18 FINAL NB – in multiple location on MG: All ED Acute floor; Gen Ward; ID

Covid285.1_Guidance for the cohorting of asymptomatic patients who are identified a.._

Covid285_Use of Procalcitonin in Covid-19 guidelines 41120

Covid108_Covid and blood product safety

Covid185_AE domestic abuse response tool_RSCH – V0.2

Covid221_Assigned Wards for Management of GIM Outliers – Pasted as table on each relevant specialty, and ED/inpatients

Covid234_Medical Division RSCH to PRH Transfer Protocol_ts

National stuff

Covid133_C0119 _Maintaining cancer services _ letter to trusts

Covid139_SE Primary Care Cancer Referral Guidance in Response to COVID 19 v1 0

Covid139.1_200407 SE Cancer Referral Patient Information during COVID-19 v1 0


MCA DoLS Flowchart Covid

Covid149_C0324 New requirement to test patients being discharged from hospital to a care home

Covid191_Joint statement on personalised approaches to care and treatment

Covid192_Clinical guide surge mgt – critical care rapid learning_May update v3

Covid193_NHS Diabetes Advice helpline FAQs and materials

Covid225_Healthcare associated COVID-19 infections further action 24 June 2020

Covid236_Planned care flow chart – 27 July 2020


PPE / infection prevention & Control IPC

(IPC Non-Covid Sharps injuries WRH, SRH, S’lands ver 2 Sharps injuries RSCH, Alex, PRH ver2)

Patient info

NHS England and NHS Improvement Learning Disability and Autism Resource for Covid19 19th March 20

Learning Disabilities Team Guide to Hospital and coronavirus

Covid243_shielding letter for newly identified highest risk patient_1h FINAL

Patient-information-for-Covid 19-exposed-pts-UHSussex-16.09.2021

FAQs on Covid-19 Vaccination for SACT Patients

  • MEdicines / pharmacy


COVID-19 Flow Chart Group 1 (on oxygen) December 2022 v1.1

COVID-19 Flow Chart Group 2 (not on oxygen) December 2022 v3.2

Guideline for the treatment of COVID-19 for adult patients on oxygen (Group 1) v2.1_.

Guideline for the treatment of hospitalised adult patients with COVID-19 not on oxygen (Group 2) v 8.1.

Paxlovid_ Interaction Guide_University of Liverpool

Covid226_Dexamethasone prescribing guideline June 2020 v7

Paracetamol Ibuprofen ACEi ARB – March 2020

4. GOV – Enhanced Surveilance of Covid-19 Cases in Vaccinated Individual…

Autumn Booster 2023 Influenza Vaccine Long Stay Inpatient Consent Form V1 C19 and Influenza Vaccinations Autumn_Winter 23 Long Stay Inpatients Proposal Oct 23 Ward Staff Roles and Responsibilities Autumn Boosters 2023 V3 Autumn Booster 2023 C19 Vaccine Long Stay Inpatient Consent Form V4

Medicines Delivery Unit CMDU

Guideline for CMDU Treatments NonHospitalised patients with COVID19 V5 June 23

Guideline for the use of Paxlovid for non-hospitalised patients with COVID-19_V1

Copy of Paxlovid Prescription TEMPLATE 5_2_22

UKHSA_COVID-19_patient discharge Paxlovid info-A5-4pp-GW20211169-03_WEB (1)

Copy of Sotrovimab Prescription TEMPLATE V2 Nurse Boxes

Copy of Molnupiravir Prescription TEMPLATE 20_12_21


FINAL Patient Letter Sussex CMDU June 23

CMDU Sussex Patient Letter June-23-v2_Arabic CMDU Sussex Patient Letter June-23-v2_Polish CMDU Sussex Patient Letter June-23-v2_Portuguese CMDU Sussex Patient Letter June-23-v2_Urdu CMDU Sussex Patient Letter-June-23-v2_Gujarati

Guideline for the use of Molnupiravir for non-hospitalised patients with COVID-19_V1.4 Approved MGC

Sotrovimab clinical preparation v4 FINAL

Guideline for the use of Sotrovimab for non-hospitalised patients with COVID-19_FINAL

Paeds CMDU

Paediatric CMDU Proforma for Telephone Triage, Clerking, Prescription, UHSx Oct 2022 Paeds pathway CMDU Version 7 Oct 2022

Operational CMDU

nMABs and antivirals briefing for SE Region Dec 2021 Circulation 211207 Standard Operating Procedure CMDU1-1 Covid Medicine Delivery Unit Process Pathway v5Sussex ICS CMDU Process Map

Checklist for Medical Assessors for Covid19 Medicines Delivery Unit VG 18_12_21

National CMDU


Interim Clinical Commissioning Policy Antivirals or neutralising monoclonal antibodies for non-hospitalised patients with COVID-19

Changes to highest risk cohorts eligibility criteria May 2022

  • Palliative

Covid155_BC EOLC V4 Edited

Covid66.1O2updateCare of dying with Covid-19 BSUH

Covid66.2_Non-Pharmacological Care of Dying with Covid-19 BSUH

Covid66_Covid 19 Symptom control at BSUH

Covid08_BSUH COVID19 Death Flowchart V4

Covid263_TEP v6 Agreed Also in acute floor section and ed section. Also incross-specialty guide (detpat); medspec (palliative care);

Deteriorating Patient Proforma v3 17.3.20

Covid66.4_Communicating in COVID crisis

Covid66.5_Talking_to_Relatives__NHS_Covid19_Communications_020420 v1.1

Covid113_C0166 – Letter DNACPR

  • Specialties

COVID07.1 Cardiac Theatres COVID guideWORD



Covid233_Cardiology COVID Screening Pathway_July 2020_nonGA

Covid233.1_Cardiology COVID Screening Pathway_July 2020

Emergency covid neuro spinal sop v2WORD


CoVID33_Primary-Percutaneous-Coronary-Intervention-PPCI-6th april update

CoVID13_renal HD pathway 17.3.20

Covid13.2_Renal surgical pathways-

CoVID13.1_SKU pathway -dialysis outpatients

CoVID43_HaemOnc Outpatient contact process Version 2WORD


COVID +ve OP SACT Treatment final (1)

combine admission and transfer final (1)

Due Treatment covid exposed pt – final (1)

CoVID49_thrombolysis pathway 19.3.20

CoVID55_PRH stroke pathway for covid or non covid patient

Covid53_Stroke call-Coronavirus Draft V2_14 Feb 2020 non intervention

CoVID34_Stroke pathway for a suspected or confirmed Novel coronavirus (2019-nCoV) infection

Covid190_Pathway for admission of new patients to HASU

CoVID62. Abdominal Surgery & Medicine L9A PathwayWORD


Lower GI FIT pathway p2 only

Covid177_SOP for reintroduction of Endoscopy service v2


Covid84.3_Sussex Eye Hospital PPE vs4


Covid84.1_PPE Ophthalmic clinical staff protection requirements Principles 030420 FINAL


Covid84.5_NEW PPE RCOphth guidance PHE compliant WEB COPY 030420 FINAL

Covid189_SOP for urgent_priority surgery – v14b



Covid189.6_Self-isolation v1-PatientInfo

Covid189.5_Physical Assessment Proforma

Covid94_Dermatology TWO WEEK wait covid pathway

CoVID20_maternity COVID planning_v2

Covid173.1_SOP covid swabbing in maternity May 2020

Covid96_Routes for transferring babies from TMBU to the RACH

Covid97_CED X-ray and CT scan routes

Covid98_RACH HDU X-ray and CT scan route

Covid101_RACH patient transfer to & from theatres

Covid99_RACH Level 8 and 9 ward Xray and Ct scan routes

Covid100_Generic advice Red zone patient transfer pathway_

Covid19_BSUH OMFS Covid 19 response – ED OMFS Triage pathway – v2 (24 April)

Acute oncology and haematology assessment unit

Covid170_Proposal – Tranfer of COVID 19 (suspected or positive) patient RSCH to SCC



Covid142.2_Covid PH patient letter

Covid110_20200323 Management of Diagnostic Activity Guidelines v0 2

Covid118_RSCH Stroke pathway for suspected or known covid patient updated 06.04.20

Covid118.1_RSCH Stroke pathway for non covid patient updated 06.04.20

Covid118.2_PRH stroke pathway for covid or non covid patient updated 060420 (v2)

Covid115.3_SOP Management of Head and Neck Cancer Referrals during COVID-19 Covid115.2_SOP Management of Breast Cancer Surgery during COVID-19 Covid115.1_QVH trauma Covid115_QVH COVID-19 letter to system Covid115.6_QVH – Head and Neck Referral Proforma Covid115.5_QVH – Breast Surgical Referral Proforma Covid115.4_SOP Management of Skin Cancer Referrals during COVID-19

Covid132_Staff Testing Guidance v4_080420

Covid228_BSUH CoVid testing of asymptomatic staff

Covid57_Measures to reduce Covid -19 exposure – V2 20th April – MS PAtients

Covid145_DMT Monitoring during Pandemic – London Neuro Pharmacy Network

Covid140_Diabetes COvID_Front_Door_v1.0

Covid140.1_DE referral pathways

Covid89.2_SOP Nuclear Medicine Imaging During C19 April 2020

Covid89.1_Final Letters for Referrers April 17th 2020 – JR approved

Covid89.4_SOP Paediatric Imaging During C19 April 2020

Covid89.3_SOP General Imaging Prioritisation C19 April 2020

Covid146_COVID Triage TMBu 11 4 20 V2

Covid147_Pyrexia in Labour during COVID era final


Covid152_Urology Cancer Management Guidance in Response to COVID

Covid176.2_Cardiology COVID Screening Pathway June 2020

Covid162_Acute Kidney Injury in COVID outside of the ICU version v1.1



Covid169_V2.1 Dec 2020 Final BSUH COVID Thromboprophylaxis Thrombosis and Coagulopathy Guidance

Covid197_BSUH COVID Screening pathway for SACT patients version 3

Covid195_Prostate Brachytherapy Recovery Plan & Pathway – 26.5.2020

Covid184_HatH Acute Illness O2 at Home SOP- JC version 14052020 (RESPIRATORY)

Covid188_On treatment radiotherapy patient testing 06 05 20

Covid199_Gastro Rheum infusion service Pathway Covid 19 V4

Covid207.2_Steriod injection – Patient’s checklist


Covid207.1_Steroid injection checklist during Covid 19

Covid212_Renal ward IP Covid pathway – cohort on ward v4

Covid247_Renal ward IP Covid BLUE pathway v1 13.8.20

Covid247.1_HD pathway 6.8.20 EG update

L8 Tower emergency IP Covid pathway – v2

Covid248_L8 Tower elective IP pathway with CLOSED green bays – v1

Covid216_Ophthalmology SOP for urgent_priority surgery – v2


Covid220_Cardiology admissions 2020 (2)

Apr21 COVID flowchart for starting HOME NIV V3

Apr21 COVID flowchart for starting ACUTE NIV V3

Covid217_SOP for NIV in COVID – JSM v2

Covid184.1_Discharging on Oxygen to H@H V4 – respiratory and discharge pages

Covid260_Cardiology COVID Screening Pathway_9th_Sept_2020

Covid262_CED Updated setup Guidance 9th Sept


Covid290_Flow chart for discharge for people with diabetes covid dex

Fluoroscopic swallows clinical pathway


BSUH VATTS Guideline – Management Vaccine Induced Thrombosis and Thrombocytopaenia **note this is in multiple sections (and in the medicine and specialties guide >> haem section.) In covid guide is in the prescribing >> vaccine section as well as haem/onc

Non-elective respiratory admissions flow card V3 Nov 2021