KnowledgeShare Web

The following resources are to support library staff to use KnowledgeShare in their service.

The five handbooks provide guidance and instructions on the different functionality of KnowledgeShare:

KnowledgeShare Web Handbook – Members
KnowledgeShare Web Handbook – Updates
KnowledgeShare Web Handbook – Evidence
KnowledgeShare Web Handbook – Skills
KnowledgeShare Web Handbook – LKS Admin

The monthly KnowledgeShare LKS Newsletter provides top tips and news on elements of the system, as well as list future training dates.

KnowledgeShare Handbooks

The KnowledgeShare Web Handbooks contain information and guidance for library staff on how to use the system.

The main sections in this handbook are:

2.0 Staff Adding A New Member
2.1 Editing A Member Profile
2.2 Assign A Member to A Library and Knowledge Service
2.3 Unassign A Member When They Leave Your Service
2.4 Transferring A Member to Another Library and Knowledge Service
2.5 Merging Two Member Records
2.6 Member Self-Registration
2.7 Member Administration
2.8 Named Lks Admin Member Administration
2.9 Information Governance and Privacy Policy
See also Appendix 3: Job Group and Job Role and KnowledgeShare Privacy Policy

The main sections in this handbook are:
3.0 Members Adding Their Own Professional Interests
3.1 Adding Categories for a Member
3.2 Member Update Administration
3.3 Adding a Resource
3.4 Adding Categories for a Resource
3.5 Newsletters
3.6 Journal Table of Content (TOC) Alerts
See also Appendix 1: Categories and Appendix 5: Journal Table of Contents (TOCs)

The main sections in this handbook are:
4.0 Adding an Evidence Search Request
4.1 Unassigned Evidence Search Requests
4.2 Assigning Evidence Searches
4.3 Adding Search Results
4.4 Splitting an Assigned Search
4.5 Completing an Evidence Search Report
4.6 Duplicating A Completed Evidence Search
4.7 Member Feedback
4.8 Create an Update Resource from an Evidence Search
4.9 Viewing Evidence Searches
4.10 Evidence Search Request List
4.11 HDAS Alerts
4.12 Sharing Evidence Searches with another library service
See also Appendix 4: Evidence Search and Skills Session Impact Forms

The main sections in this handbook are:
5.0 Booking Members onto A Skills Session
5.1 Cancelling Member Booking on A Skills Session
5.2 Pre Skills Session Administration
5.3 Post Skills Session Administration
5.4 Access To Support Materials And Attendance Certificates By Members after a Skills Session
5.5 Registering Members’ Feedback for a Skills Session
5.6 Add a Skills Session
5.7 Add a Skills Session Template
5.8 Delete a Skills Session Template
5.9 Manage your Skills Session Email Templates
5.10 Managing Skills Session in Evidence Updates Emails
See also Appendix 4: Evidence Search and Skills Session Impact Forms

For Named LKS Administrators and library staff with the LKS Admin permission set

KnowledgeShare LKS Newsletter

Forthcoming Training for Library Staff

We run regular online demonstrations via MS Teams for LKS staff on KnowledgeShare functionality. Email to book a place (library staff only).

Evidence Search - This session will help you manage evidence searching with KnowledgeShare.

  • Monday 12 December 2022, 10.00am - 12.00pm
  • Wednesday 18 January 2023, 10.00am - 12.00pm
  • Thursday 23 February 2023, 2.00pm - 4.00pm

Skills - This session will help you manage information skills teaching, including either ad hoc teaching or scheduled sessions. 

  • Monday 6 February 2023, 10.00am - 11.30am

Adding local resources - This session will help you add local events, guidelines and books to your Members' updates.

  • Friday 13 January 2023, 1.00pm - 2.30pm

How to add Members to KnowledgeShare

How to add an Evidence Search request to KnowledgeShare