Reflective writing for nurse revalidation

Course details


  • How reflection can improve practice
  • Introduction to reflective writing, using the Gibbs model of reflection
  • Use of the Gibbs model for a personal reflection to complete the NMC Reflective Accounts Form
  • Awareness of library resources to support CPD

Attend if:

  • You are a nurse preparing for your revalidation
  • You would like to gain an understanding of what reflective writing is and to increase your confidence in this skill
  • You would like to understand how to apply reflective writing to your revalidation (please note we only cover the reflective writing part of revalidation in this session)

Participants will leave the session with a worked example of the NMC Reflective Accounts Form.

Previous experience required: no previous experience is required.

Duration: 1 hour

Format: presentation with group work, including working an example of a reflective account using the Gibbs model of reflection and applying that to the NMC Reflective Accounts Form.

Further help: templates and guidance

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