Sports health and medicine

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Baxter D. Baxter’s the foot and ankle in sport. 3rd ed 2021

Thompson S R. Complications in orthopaedics: sports medicine. 2021


Delee J C. DeLee Drez & Miller’s orthopaedic sports medicine: principles and practice. 5th ed 2020

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British Journal of Sports Medicine

Clinics in Sports Medicine


Journal of Science and Medicine in Sport

Journal of Sport and Health Science

Operative Techniques in Sports Medicine

Physical Therapy in Sport


Scandinavian Journal of Medicine and Science in Sports


Evidence searches carried out on Sports Health & Medicine

We provide evidence to inform patient care, service improvement, research and clinical teaching. Recent searches we’ve provided include:

  • Prophylactic use of pain-killers before sporting events
  • Risk of Covid-19 transmission indoors, outdoors and in running events
  • Hyponatraemia in marathon runners
  • Medical care provided at events (event medicine), or at major stadium/sporting/concert events
  • Marathons and endurance sports
  • Heat stroke in marathon runners
  •  Impact of covid-19 on the sport and physical activity sector


Web and other resources

British Association of Sport and Exercise Medicine

The British Association of Sport and Exercise Medicine (BASEM) was founded in 1952 and is the largest multidisciplinary sports medicine organisation in the UK, offering full membership to medical practitioners and allied professionals such as physiotherapists and sports scientists.

Faculty of Sport and Exercise Medicine UK

The Faculty of Sport and Exercise Medicine (FSEM) UK is the governing body for Sport and Exercise Medicine (SEM) in the UK