Celebrating Volunteers Week …..

Thank you to Colin, our volunteer at the RSCH library.

Colin has been with us a long time so is well-known to the staff and users in the library there as he tidies our print book collection and chats about his marathon days.  He plays a vital role as he ensures any books shelved in the wrong place are re-shelved where they should be and therefore easy for everyone to find. Colin also notes if newer editions are available and spots any old and worn books which happen to be lurking on the shelves.

Colin brings in lemon curd, pasties, and dates for the team, and also has a knack for finding unusual newspaper clippings for us all to marvel at.  For example, yesterday he brought in the Irish Independent for Melissa, who is from Ireland, which had a picture of two nuns giving their beloved ponies to the president of Ireland!

Thank you for all your help Colin!