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ultrasound scan

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Please attend the X-ray department on Level 5 of the Thomas Kemp Tower block. If you are unable to attend for your scan for any reason, before your appointment time, can you please contact the X-ray department on 01273 696955 Ext. 4242.

    What is an ultrasound scan, and what are the risks and benefits?

    Ultrasound is very high frequency sound, which passes through the body. The sound waves bounce back off the internal organs and are converted into pictures on the screen. You will not be able to hear or feel the ultrasound waves. Sometimes, pressure has to be applied to obtain a better quality image. There is no evidence that ultrasound used in medical imaging has any side effects.

      What happens before my examination?

      Please have nothing to eat for 6 hours before your appointment but continue to drink clear fluids (must not be fizzy drinks) as you must attend with a full bladder. We would advise that you begin drinking 2 pints of fluid one hour before your appointment to achieve this.

        What happens during the examination?

        The ultrasound scan will look at the organs across your abdomen and pelvis. You will be asked to move your clothes from your tummy, and the sonographer or doctor will put some gel on the area to be scanned so that the hand-held probe can be easily moved across you. You will be examined lying on your back and on both sides. The whole examination will probably take approximately 20 minutes.

          What happens after your scan?

          Following your scan you will be asked to return to the Emergency Ambulatory Care Unit on Level 4/Level 5 next to the x-ray department to be reviewed by the Surgical Team. The Surgical team will feedback and discuss the scan results with you.

          Ultrasound does not pick up all abnormalities. Your doctor may refer you for a different type of test, if the results are unclear.

            Who do I contact for more information?

            If you have any further questions regarding your scan please ask at your examination, or speak to your referring doctor.

            Emergency Ambulatory Care Unit

            Level 4 Ext. 7591
            Level 5 Ext. 64002

              This information is intended for patients receiving care in Brighton & Hove or Haywards Heath.

              The information here is for guidance purposes only and is in no way intended to replace professional clinical advice by a qualified practitioner.

              Review Date: February 2023

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