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signing your consent form

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What is a consent form?

A consent form is a yellow form that you will be asked to sign giving your permission for a procedure or operation. You need to know the benefits and risks or any uncertainties to help you make and informed decision. Before giving your consent you should ensure that you understand the information written on this form.

    Who will complete the consent form?

    The consent form will be completed by the doctor, ideally the doctor who is carrying out the procedure, and you. Good communication between you and your healthcare professional promotes a trusting relationship and brings greater satisfaction to you both. It also helps you to take more responsibility for decisions about your own health care. Any uncertainties should be discussed with the doctor to allow you to make an informed decision.

      What will be on the consent form?

      • Name of proposed procedure or treatment
      • Intended benefits
      • Any serious or frequently occurring risks

        Understanding risks

        There are risks associated with any operation and the doctor will explain these to you.  Healthcare professionals use research evidence to describe the chance of an event occurring in the context of an entire population, they may use figures or percentages to help you to interpret these risks. The table below will help you understand what these mean.


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