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Inhaler technique – Genuair

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Genuair technique

  • Remove the mouthpiece cover by lightly squeezing the arrows marked on each side of the mouthpiece cover.
  • Hold the Genuair with the mouthpiece towards you and the coloured button facing up. Press the coloured button all the way down and release it. The coloured window will turn green so it is ready for us.
  • Breathe out gently as far as comfortable and away from the Genuair.
  • Put the mouthpiece in your mouth and close your lips around it.
  • Breathe in as quickly and deeply as possible. Do not stop breathing when the Genuair inhaler clicks, releasing the dose. Continue taking a deep breath.
  • Remove the Genuair inhaler from your mouth and hold your breath for up to 10 seconds or as long as comfortable, then breathe out slowly. The coloured window will turn from green to red to confirm you have inhaled correctly.
  • If the colour control window is still green after inhalation, repeat steps 3 to 6. To close, replace the mouthpiece cover.

How to look after your Genuair

Wipe the outside of the mouthpiece with a dry tissue or paper towel; do not use water to clean your inhaler.

How do I know if my inhaler is empty?

  • The dose counter shows the number of doses remaining in the inhaler.
  • On first use, your inhaler has 60 doses.
  • Each time you load the dose by pressing the coloured button, the dose counter moves by a small amount to the next number.
  • When a red band appears in the dose counter, you are nearing your last dose.
  • Your inhaler is empty when the coloured button does not return to its full upper position. You should then start using a new inhaler.


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For further support and information, please contact:

Royal Sussex County Hospital COPD Nurse Specialist: 01273 523109.

Worthing Hospital Respiratory Nurse Specialists: 01903 205111 Extension: 8585.

St Richard’s Hospital Respiratory Nurse Specialists: 01243 788122 Extension: 32395.

You can also contact your community pharmacist or practice nurse for advice.

The information here is for guidance purposes only and is in no way intended to replace professional clinical advice by a qualified practitioner.

Publication Date: September 2021

Review Date: March 2024

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