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Haematuria One-stop clinic

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What is the Haematuria One-stop clinic?

Your doctor has referred you to this clinic because blood has been found or seen in your urine. This clinic has been set up to save you having repeated visits to the hospital. For most patients all the investigations required to diagnose the cause of the blood in the urine will be undertaken in a single visit. Some patients may require additional investigations to confirm diagnoses. However before your hospital appointment please send a urine sample to your GP surgery with the microbiology form enclosed as soon as possible.

What happens in the clinic?

On arrival to the department, please report at the reception. It is essential that you arrive with a full bladder. You will then be seen by a member of the urology nursing team who will explain the process to you and also give you an estimated time of your last investigation.

1. Ultrasound.

The first investigation is an ultrasound of your kidneys and bladder. The bladder needs to be comfortably full to be visualised properly. If you have a catheter then it needs to be clamped with a catheter valve at least 2 hours before you come in. Ask your District Nurse about the catheter valve and they may be able to supply you with one. You will be given the result of the ultrasound when you see the urologist.

2. Urine Cytology specimen.

You will then be asked to empty your bladder and provide a sample for cytology test into a special container. There is a preservative in the container which should not be discarded when you produce your sample. This test takes at least 2-3 weeks to be reported and you will be notified if we find anything abnormal.

3. Consultation and Flexible Cystoscopy.

You will then be seen by a urologist for a consultation who may be able to clarify any concerns you have with the symptoms you present or any questions about the investigations performed. You might then have an investigation called a flexible cystoscopy which involves examining the bladder with a telescopic camera.

Please see attached leaflet on flexible cystoscopy for further information.

What happens next?

The Urologist will discuss all the findings with you after the flexible cystoscopy. You will be discharged on the day if everything is normal. If we find anything then you will be booked either for further investigation or procedure.

How much time does it take to complete all the investigations?

Please be prepared to be here for at least 3 to 4 hours as there will be waiting times between the investigations. Bring some reading material or anything else to keep you occupied. You may bring a relative or friend to keep you company. You may go to the restaurant on the second floor or coffee shop on the ground floor once you have been given a time to be back at department.

Can I eat and drink in between investigations?

You may eat and drink as normal throughout your appointment. You are also able to pass urine as normal after you have had your ultrasound.

Contact details.

The Princess Royal Hospital

The Urology Nursing Team telephone:  01444 441881 Extension 65457.

Urology Consultants

Mr Nawrocki’s secretary: 01444 441881 Extension 67808.

Mr Coker’s secretary: 01444 441881 Extension 68043.

Mr Symes’ secretary: 01273 696955 Extension 67809.

Mr Larner’s secretary: 01273 696955 Extension 67808.

Mr.Alanbuki’s secretary: 01273 696955 Extension 67810.

This information is intended for patients receiving care in Brighton & Hove or Haywards Heath.

The information here is for guidance purposes only and is in no way intended to replace professional clinical advice by a qualified practitioner.

Publication Date: January 2022

Review Date: October 2024

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