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Blood transfusions in ambulatory care areas

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Blood transfusions involve giving a bag of donated blood, which has been matched to your blood type to treat anaemia. As anaemia has lots of different causes, we will liaise with your GP following your visit to see if other treatments or investigations may be of benefit.

What to expect

Wear comfortable clothes. Seats are provided instead of hospital beds. Feel free to bring a book, laptop or music player with headphones etc. Free teas, coffee, lunch and snacks will be provided.

On arrival we will confirm with you your details such as full name and date of birth. Once you are ready, we will insert a small line into a vein and get the blood to give you the transfusion.

We will need to re-ask your details several times before administering each bag of blood to ensure that you receive the bag matched especially for you.

Each bag of blood takes around 2 to 3 hours to transfuse. If receiving more than one bag your visit may last the whole day.

You will need to remain in the department for regular blood pressure and temperature checks as occasionally individuals become unwell and transfusions need to be slowed or stopped. There are toilets on site and in between transfusions you may have time to visit the shop.

Your care will be led by the specialist nursing team and a doctor will be available if needed

Getting there and away

Royal Sussex County Hospital - EACU is located on level 5 of the Thomas Kemp tower. The EACU entrance is next to the WRVS coffee and snack shop and the Acute Admission Unit.

  • Parking: There is a multi-storey car park on site, expect to queue for spaces.
  • Bus routes: Routes 1, 1A, 7, 14B, 14C, 23, 37, 37A, 37B, 40X, 47, 52, 57, 71, 73, 94A, N7 all stop outside the hospital.
  • Taxi: Next to main outpatients (opposite the Barry building) is a taxi rank offering quick transfers direct to your door step.
  • Patient transport: Available on request if you have no other means of travel.

Princess Royal Hospital - RAMU is located next to A&E in the main hospital.

  • Parking: There are car parking facilities on site, spaces are usually available.
  • Buses stop on the Lewes Road, a one minute walk from the main entrance.
  • Taxi: There are a number of reliable local taxi firms that can arrive to the hospital within 5 - 10 minutes of being called.
  • Patient transport: Available on request if you have no other means of travel.

Contact details

Princess Royal Hospital RAMU number: 01444 441881, extension 8557 (weekdays 9am - 8pm).

Royal Sussex County Hospital EACU Number: 01273 696955, extension 64002 (8am - 8pm).

This information is for patients receiving care in Brighton and Haywards Heath.

The information here is for guidance purposes only and is in no way intended to replace professional clinical advice by a qualified practitioner.

Publication Date: August 2020

Review Date: March 2023

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