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Renal Pharmacists

Department and Manager

Stephanie Butler - Lead Specialist Renal Pharmacist

Contact names, extensions and addresses

Level 8, Sussex Kidney Unit
Royal Sussex County Hospital
Eastern Road
East Sussex

01273 696955

Stephanie Butler bleep 8203
Niamh Kelly (Specialist Renal Pharmacist) bleep 8032
Teresia Sykes (Renal Pharmacy Technician) Contact via ward ext 4057.

Overview of service provided

Medications are an important part of staying well as a kidney patient and becoming an expert in your own medications is a great idea. There are Pharmacists at the Sussex Kidney Unit who have specialist knowledge in treating people with kidney problems.

We encourage you to book in a medication review any time you feel it would help.

Medication reviews can help with the following…

Having a better understanding of what you are on and why, and this can help you feel more in control of managing your condition

Understanding the side effects of your medication

What to do with different tablets on dialysis days

Quantity and frequency of tablets may be improved to suit your needs and lifestyle

Help with tablets or medication that can be varied, e.g. insulin & phosphate binders. The pharmacists provide a pharmacy service to the following areas: 

  • Trafford kidney ward

  • Main unit haemodialysis

  • Home Haemodialysis

  • CAPD

  • Worthing satellite dialysis unit

  • Bexhill satellite dialysis unit

Types of therapy on offer

  • Daily prescription screening of all inpatient prescriptions on Trafford ward.
  • 6 Monthly medication reviews for haemodialysis patients, as a minimum standard.
  • As required advice and consultations for other patients.
  • Drug information for patients and colleagues at Sussex Kidney Unit.

Facilities and amenities

The Renal Pharmacy team have a huge resource of medicines information at their disposal and are always happy to answer questions about medicines.  We can also offer medicines information in written format tailored to the individual patient and their medication.

Mission / Philosophy of care/ aims

To help individuals to gain the maximum benefit from their medication whilst minimising the impact of the regime on lifestyle.