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Brief Overview

The Digestive Diseases Centre consists of a 58 bedded ward, with 11beds being allocated to short stay patients and the other 47 to a combination of Medical Gastroenterology  and GI surgery. The ward is situated on Level 9a in the Millennium Wing.

There is an Outpatient Department and a four roomed Endoscopy Suite at RSCH, on Level 9 of the Thomas Kemp Tower. Access is via Level 9a Millennium Wing.

There is one Endoscopy room at The Princess Royal Hospital and some outpatient activity.



Telephone numbers:

  • Digestive Diseases outpatients clinics 0300 303 8360

  • Endoscopy booking team 0300 303 8517

  • Level 9a ward - extn. 4498/9

  • Endoscopy (RSCH) Recovery – extn. 4570, fax. 01273 664960

  • Endoscopy & DDC Outpatients reception – extn. 4667, fax. 01444 448679 

  • Endoscopy (PRH) - extn. 8188

  • Business Manager – Angela Barst - 62946

  • Rota Coordinator - Deborah Hodson - 63973

  • Directorate PA – Claire Robinson - 62945


Key clinical staff:

Please click on a name below to view email or other contact details:

Peter Larsen Disney – Clinical Director

Mark Austin - Lead Consultant for Endoscopy

Stuart Cairns – Lead Consultant for Bowel Screening and Education

Marc Lamah – Colorectal Surgery Lead and Surgical Governance

Khaled Hamdan – Lead Consultant for Upper GI

Alan Ireland – Lead Consultant for Gastroenterology and Medical Governance

Neil Jackson - Lead Consultant for Clinical Audit

Melissa Smith – Lead Consultant for IBD

Jane Kingsbury – Lead Nurse

Janet Bates – Nurse Manager, Endoscopy

Geraldine Holland – Ward Manager 9A

Lena King – Service Manager/Lead Nurse for BCSP and QA Manager for GI Medicine 


Additional information

Clinic times / opening hours: 

  • Endoscopy is open from 8.00am – 7.00pm

  • Clinic is open from 8.30am – 5.00pm


In addition to the main departments Digestive Diseases also has the following teams to support their patients:

  • Stoma Nurses

  • Inflammatory Bowel Disease Nurse Specialist

  • Dieticians

  • Hepatitis C Nurse Specialists


Information for Prospective Patients

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Preparing for a colonoscopy

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What is a flexible sigmoidocsopy?