Helen Sear

‘Powdermills Pond 1’

‘Powdermills Pond 1’ by Helen Sear, part of the Sussex Portfolio for the Connect Waiting Room Project.

Helen Sear studied Fine Art at Reading University and University College London, Slade School. Her practice came to prominence in the late 1980s, when she worked primarily through installation, performance and film.

Her photographic works became widely known in the 1991 British Council exhibition, De-Composition: Constructed Photography in Britain, which toured Latin America and Eastern Europe.

She continues to explore ideas of vision, touch, and the re-presentation of the nature of experience. Her work makes particular reference to the human and animal body and her immediate environment in rural Wales and France.

“Sear is one of photography’s foremost innovators. For her the medium is one of magic as much as realism. It is never pure, fixed or entirely knowable. Each new series presents a new set of challenges that offer up her fascination with craft and our habits of looking.” David Campany





Helen Sear looks at the camera warily, half in shadow

Image: Lua Ribeira


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