Hannah Maybank

Final design of ‘Coast’ wallpaper by Hannah Maybank. The design is inspired by Shoreham beach.

Final design of ‘Coast’ wallpaper by Hannah Maybank. The design is inspired by Shoreham beach.


Hannah Maybank studied Fine Art at Liverpool John Moores University and Painting at the Royal College of Art. Her work is an exploration into our relationship with the rhythms of nature through paint and flora.

The process of drawing has come to the fore in her most recent works. Bringing her live subject into the studio, numerous ink drawings are made over and over in an effort to really understand the movements of selected subjects. Capturing a moment as it passes.

Material presence is of great importance within the paintings. By making her own watercolours and grounds different pigments are selected to move and react with one another, beyond her control.

Solo exhibitions include The New Art Gallery Walsall and The Hatton Gallery Newcastle and group shows include ArtSway’s New Forest Pavilion, Palazzo Zenobio, 53rd Venice Biennale. She has been the recipient of The ArtSway Production Residency, The Berwick Gymnasium Fellowship and was commissioned to make a new body of work for the 2013 Wirksworth Festival curated by Rose Lejeune.


“In these paintings subject matter and the material qualities of paint are put to the service of meaning that is at once beautiful and disconcerting, on the precipice of incomprehension. Plumes of colour, tonal watermarks, metallic shimmers serve as a reminder that beauty is unnerving, disquiet. Arthur Danto has argued that dissonance and beauty can be found within a single work of art, and this is true of Maybank’s.” Alice Correia


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