Little perk cupcakes for NHS staff as part of Emerge.

Little perk cupcakes for NHS staff as part of Emerge, a CONNECT Arts project helping to improve staff morale and wellbeing during the transitional move from the old hospital into the new 3Ts Redevelopment. Image by Sarah Bennett.

CONNECT is the public art programme for the redevelopment of the Royal Sussex County Hospital. It will enliven and humanise the new patient and public environments, reflecting the hospital’s values of compassionate care for all.

The CONNECT public art programme aims to enhance the hospital environment for patients, staff and visitors:

  • easier to find your way around
  • more welcoming, less intimidating
  • caring and health-promoting

CONNECT will use art to create new links between the hospital, the city, county and community by celebrating the unique character and culture of Brighton and Sussex.

CONNECT will add a distinctive strand to the new identity for the hospital and a lasting legacy of high-quality public art for local residents.

The arts programme is an integral part of the whole 3Ts redevelopment and meets the planning policy requirement for art in new public buildings. It will cost 0.25% of the total 3Ts Redevelopment budget.

The integration of art into the 3Ts redevelopment is a requirement of the Brighton and Hove Council’s Percent for Art Policy that operates as part of planning policy.

The CONNECT team are working strategically to offer value for money for that Percent for Art and to create a high quality, caring environment for the city and county.